My morning rituals

I'm really really precious about my morning routine. I think it's because often the night times are pretty unpredictable. Often with a one year old they can feature very little sleep and so if I don't have a semi peaceful start to the day it can leave me feeling really crabby. I always ALWAYS start the day with a cup of tea, it's like a little comforting hug before I face everything that a day with two little kids involves, school runs and play dates and keeping tiny little one year old hands out of places they shouldn't be. Having that first cup of the tea of the day is something I never miss out of our morning rituals because I feel like it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

I'm lucky that although we wake early because of the kids Tom actually starts work pretty early so despite the 6.30 start he is always the first one up and he will make me that first cup of tea before he jumps in the shower. On a weekend I allow myself the luxury of drinking this in bed but on a weekday I need to incorporate this with all the other bits that need doing at that time in the morning.

I'm working with Twinnings in this post to celebrate their English Strong Breakfast blend and the importance of that first cup of tea of the day. Having kids it's often more common than not that I won't get round to finishing a cuppa before it goes cold so Twinnings invented the 'forget-tea-not' cup. It's specially designed to not let you forget about drinking your cuppa before it gets cold! With an inbuilt speaker and thermometer at the bottom sensors will tell you when it's the tight temperature to drink by playing the song 'bing bang bong' (oh my gosh did that make me jump the first time I heard it because I had actually forgotten my tea!).

The first thing I do once I'm out of bed is washing and cleansing my face, I often have Mabli in the bathroom with me at this point and I keep a box of toys in there to occupy her whilst I take time for a little tinted mascara and blush to feel more awake and alive.

I take my tea with me to the bathroom incase the song goes off to tell me its ready but it didn't get to the right temperature whilst I was in there.

I'm thankful that on school days we divide which child we get ready in the morning so whilst I'm upstairs with Mabli, Tom will be wrestling Wilf into his uniform and sitting him at the breakfast table whilst they eat their cornflakes together.

After I've popped a bit of make up on I head back into the bedroom and grab something from our wardrobe. Tom has been building me a walk in wardrobe which is amazing, I can't wait to share it with you. It's made finding outfits so much easier.

After grabbing something (usual school run default is currently jeans and wooly jumper despite all the pretty dresses in my closet) Mabli and I head downstairs to get some breakfast. At this point my tea cup announces that my tea is ready! Apparently the perfect temperature for tea is 68 degrees. The mug also includes a thermo ring which will keep my tea at the perfect temperature for longer!

After breakfast and my essential morning cuppa I feel recharged for my day! I tend to get Mabli ready at this point, pack her change bag and get Wilf's school stuff ready too. Despite the seemingly calm morning we always end up rushing out the house forgetting something (gloves, reading book!) and have to rush back. Luckily I give myself about twice the amount of time we need to walk there because of this!

And that's our morning! I appreciate the fifteen minutes our of relative peace I get drinking my tea and it always forces me to stop and enjoy it rather than taking sips and forgetting about it. There is something so therapeutic about a cup of tea, I feel like it really needs to given time to enjoy slowly. The Twinings Strong breakfast tea is a definite favourite for giving me that boost in the morning when a strong cup of tea is needed.

Thanks to Twinnings for sponsoring this post 

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