Wilf turns 5!

So then he was 5!

I know its a massive cliche to say but where on earth have those five years gone? This little boy has taught me so much. I cannot imagine or strangely barely remember not knowing Wilf. It was as if as soon as he was born so was a part of me, the most of me, the best of me, the me that I was always supposed to me. Those first few months were so hard for both of us, as a 'first child' poor Wilf was the one that we learnt from. We expected so much from so soon, I'm not sure if it was because he spoke so clearly so early (he was speaking full sentences at 16 months) but when I look back at how we parented in comparison with this time round where we treat Mabli as such a baby still (as she is) I laugh a little at how grown up we treated him when he was and is still so little.

Will is my mini me, he is the spitting image of me as a child, he thinks like me, he tantrums like me. He is thoughtful like his daddy though, frowns in just the same way he can be reserved and shy as well as confident and silly.  He asks questions that make me consider things I hasn't thought of and is teaching us every day. Last night as I got ready for bed, Tom rocking Mabli downstairs ready to bring her in with me. Wilf had already moved into our bed a few hours ago and we let him do so because he promised he would sleep, then when Tom comes up he will swap Mabli for Wilf and carry him still sleeping into his own bed.

Those few minutes as I lay there in the darkness, I tell him how much I love him as I do every day. Stroke his eyebrows and wrap my arms around him, I know that the days where he will want to come into our bed with us will become less as he grows. That there will be a time when he won't snuggle into me as we watch a movie, when he won't want to kiss his mama. I'm slowly letting him go, he is not mine and when I think about him grown up, leaving home even..I have to catch my breath. Time is moving so fast but it's my privilege to know him, to raise him and love him. My lovely lovely little boy.

Over the weekend we threw him a party in the woods with some of his best friends and family. Tom stayed home with Mabli and I was able to spend some one-on-one time with him (well as much time as I got when he was off whittling and toasting marshmallows and sawing wood!). I've included a few pics of the morning below

Wilf and his bestie, these boys have known each other from just days old. I hope their friendship lasts forever. These were little medals they were able to saw and drill holes in themselves with the help of the Forest School leader.

And now for some of my favourite pictures of the last five years

In our Copenhagen AirBnB - This trip was pretty rough for me as I was still so sick with pregnancy I couldn't leave the flat much and was sick so much in that little bathroom. Tom and Wilf basically had a little holiday themselves and he would come back and tell me about their adventures. One of which included going to a street party and Wilf telling a punk in the urinal at a public toilet that he must have eaten his asparagus!

Oh! My heart!!

Two and a half was just my favourite age ever

Thanks for being YOU little Wilf. We love you so much xx 

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emfinch said...

Gorgeous! Brought a tear to my eye. My little ( not so little) boy turns 5 in January. He's my mini shadow when we are at home and although I find that annoying at times, I know it wont last forever. X

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