Those baby days

I can't believe a whole year has passed by since I became a mother of two. It's not without it's difficulties (of course) but the amount of joy this little girl has brought us is boundless. Seeing my little boy become a big brother and the love they share for each other, it makes my heart so so happy.

I say to Tom almost daily 'we are just so lucky aren't we??' Even when the baby doesn't sleep or won't be held by anyone but me and we have had only one child free evening together in the past 12 months (as in she stays up with us until we go to bed..yes still!). Even when we are sniping at each other and the tea has gone cold and we can't invite anyone round as the state of the house is just..awful! I still feel lucky, I'm so ridiculously lucky to be their mum.

Second time round motherhood is easier, but it's also hard. You forget to quickly those yearly days, you still have to work out feeding and sleeping and getting out the house and 'why is she crying?! do you think she's teething/tired/hurt/just crying for the hell of it?' moments. It's familiar but new all over again and its wonderful and awful and tiring and uplifting and joyful and all the other millions of contradicting feelings magnified and repeated tens times a day.

I've been working with Huggies wipes this year as part of their ambassador program during Mali's first year. Now that she's changing from a baby to a toddler, starting to talk and all the wonderful next steps that happen at this time, I'm waving good bye to those newborn, new baby moments.

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I thought it would be good to recap on the videos and posts I did with them over this year just incase you missed them!

This was my first post announcing the program

We then gave baby bonding a go in this post and I chatted to a midwife about how I had found those early days and asked her advice on a few bonding questions. I gave baby massage a go and expanded on how you can bond with your baby durning your normal every day moments. For us we love the moments after bath time and just before we start the bedtime routine to really wind down the day. We do a bit of baby massage, some tickling and some snuggles and books. This always feels like a much needed pause at the end of what is often a hectic day with two kiddos to run around after! That being said even nappy change time can be a moment for bonding, Mabli finds when I take off her vest and blow tickles on her tummy hilarious!

Lastly I chatted 'What i've learnt from motherhood' in this video. In general I really believe in just trusting your gut instincts and going with what you know is best for you and your baby. I also talk about how important I believe it is to be allowed those moments after birth to just hibernate and take your time to adjust to your new family dynamic and get to bond with your new arrival!

We've really enjoyed collaborating with this brand over the past few months! I hope you've enjoyed the posts too!

In Partnership with Huggies Wipes

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