Dear Egg Dress / Little Loves

Dear egg dress of dreams, thanks for coming into my life and making me so happy

and also being a two piece so I can breastfeed in it

Dear Lily, thanks for passing on said egg dress and the joy that comes with it

Dear Lauren, thanks for making me look fancy whilst covered in eggs

(enough about the eggs Fritha)
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Dear sleep, I miss you, I can't wait until we're reconnected, hopefully sometime in 2017 yep?

Dear new bathroom tiles, I love you, I can't describe how happy you make me every time I see you (I can't wait to show you our bathroom makeover).

Dear work life balance, thanks for starting to come together a bit better

Dear self, thanks for working out you can't do everything

Dear Mabli, thanks for being such a character, you are so full of delicious mischief. That glint of cheekiness in your eye is one my favourite things right now.

Dear Wilf, thanks for sharing tales of your adventures with me, hearing you talk about things you learnt at school (like how toothpaste is made) is one of the highlights of my day. I'm learning a lot too ;)

I'm going to be joining in with my friend Morgana's 'Little Loves' linky this week. I love reading these posts and I'm even thinking of doing this in video form like the lovely Kerry does over on her channel. It's a great way to pick up recommendations for things to read, watch, make, hear, wear or just recommendations in general!

So firstly - READ

I got two brilliant books at Christmas that I've been reading whenever I get a chance (basically half an hour in the bath a couple of times a week). The first is the utterly brilliant Hurrah for Gin's book. I was literally snorting with laugher and crying moments later within the first three chapters. Well done Katie it's fantastic! I would definitely recommend this book to parents everywhere!

The second is Estee LaLonde's book Bloom. I've been dipping in and out of this book, It's a great read for anyone who is already a fan but you probably do need to follow her to get as much out of this one. It's a beautiful book though full of lots of uplifting stories and positivity especially if you were one of those kids that was a bit awkward and only 'bloomed' later in life (like me!). If you've not heard of her before then I'd defo recommend popping over and watching her videos, I think she's brilliant!


I have two recommendations here again, the first is a box set that Tom and I have both been LOVING. One of those ones where you just binge watch as much as you can before you're both too exhausted to watch more. It's called Westworld and is a sci fi about a world in which a theme park has been built with robots that are really lifelike. Customers can visit the park and act out different scenarios with the robot characters but it becomes apparent that some of the robots are more human like and are starting to work out whats going on. I'm not sure if that really sells it as it's a bit more complicated than that but it's a brilliant watch and features some of my favourite actors too (love Thandie Newton in it).

The second is I'm a bit late to watching it as they have already made three seasons but I've just finished season one. It's called The Affair and is quite a slow burner but I find myself really invested in the characters and it's really interestingly shot as half the episode its played from one of the main characters memory of the events and the other half from the other character's. So even thought the events are similar they are remembered in slightly different ways, even if it's just the clothes they are wearing and how each characters personality is. It stars Ruth Wilson (from Luther) who is such a great actress.


I've been listing to more podcasts and loving The Minimalists they have been really inspiring me to get rid of all the junk we've accumulated!


Wilf and I used to love doing 'crafting' together but nowadays he comes home with so much he's made at school (I have no idea where to put it and I'm afraid some does go in the recycling!). I did make a sausage dog draft excluder in this post!


Egg dress, egg dress, egg dress

And Lastly

I've been loving some big projects being finished up on our home! The bathroom is done and some bits of painting are being finished off. We have photographer coming in a few weeks to take some pics for one of my favourite interior sites which I can't wait to share with you!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


Anna-Marie mummyheartsyou said...

Oh that dress is amazing!! I am loving the affair. The first two seasons were so good but I'm struggling a little with season three but still watchable.. Hurrah for Gin is in my read list! Popping over from #littlelove linky xx

Carterfamily4 said...

I love that dress it's so quirky ๐Ÿ’› I've picked up the Hurrah for Gin book this week I've only read a few pages and I'm hooked can't wait to read more xx

Lottie :: Oyster and Pearl said...

I can see why you love it so much, that dress is amazing!

Loving your recommendations. Hadn't heard of Bloom so will look it up. I really enjoyed the affair for the first season or so but got increasingly irritated by Noah. He's so annoying!

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