Me and Mine January

So I spent pretty much ALL of last year complaining about how the months were speeding past and I started writing my first Me and Mine of 2017 about to complain how much this one had dragged, ha!

I think it's pretty much a given that January is a long month though right? That being said we've had a pretty good one in the grand scheme of things. I'm really enjoying Mabli as a toddler and starting to remember just how much I loved this age with Wilf. One year olds are so full of delicious mischief and now both kids are interacting with each other much more they can create mischief together!

We had a funny time mid month that was pretty stressful (I explained it a bit more in this video) but apart from that I've felt very settled. One reason is that as well as childcare hours I'm also asking for help for bits of my job that I simply cannot do myself (or rather I can if I had 40 hours a week child free but I'm realising that I cannot cram 40 hours into 12 hours childcare). What I'm trying to say is that my work life balance is getting much better and as such I feel like our homelife is much more relaxed too. It's only taken about five years to work this one out ;)

Last weekend Wilf decided to dress up as a spy and quite frankly it made my day. It put so much into perspective, it didn't matter that the house was a mess or there were jobs to be done or (always) emails to get back to. Everytime I looked at him it would crease me up, those little people bring me so much joy. As much as I crave a bit of time away from them at times life is so much more boring when they aren't about. Now Wilf is at school our weekends are even more precious to us and I haven't smiled so much in a long time.

I snapped these pictures quickly on my phone and it makes me giggle to think I could have just popped them on here with no explanation to Wilf's attire. Five year olds are the best.

And by some kind of miracle we are all looking at the camera at the same time!

We have a new member to the Me and Mine team this year in the lovely Charlotte is joining us, I'm sure you'll agree her photos are just beautiful!
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