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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Picking up bargains for your baby

I guess you know you're life has changed dramatically when the topic of conversation between your friends is not whether they know about a flash sale on a beautiful bag but instead if they knew about a certain shop's 'baby event' this weekend. I'm not complaining, a bargain is a bargain and as all parents know, those nappies don't come cheap!

Tesco asked if I'd like to come along to their baby event to see how I got on. We chose to visit the Bristol East shop over the weekend to stop up on some of our essential baby purchases and see what else was going on in store. As it was the weekend it was pretty busy with lots of parents getting advice and help from the staff at the display, they even had a chef whipping up some of the Ella's Kitchen meals for parents to try. We'd just had breakfast so we declined haha but I have to say I'm a quite a fan of their fruit pouches, Wilf even still has them as a snack and thinks they are as much of a treat as sweets (long may this last!).

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Whilst we were mainly there to cash in on some great deals I could see lots of the staff chatting through various products with customers or talking to them about sleep aids. We actually use Aveeno products already (I absolutely love the smell) but they are on the more expensive side so I picked up a couple whilst they were discounted.

The baby products featured ranged from car seats to monsters to baby food and nappies. For a regular  customer its a great one to just stock up items at a discounted price but if you're after larger purchases or want to talk them through with something then it's a good event to pop in your diary and come along to! They also had toddler items on sale too so it's not newborn baby specific and frankly if you just come to grab a load of wipes and save some money then its worth it. I can't be the only one who wonders if they'll ever stop buying baby wipes? They are just so useful for everything!

Have you visited the Tesco baby event? Let me know if you picked up anything special!

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