Ruched dresses and thoughts on breastfeeding

Spring is almost here!

Now that Mabli is over a year she's naturally nursing a lot less, we don't really have any schedule as to when she will feed and it's generally a whenever she wants to. Sometimes for just a couple of seconds as a reassurance, or if I need to get her to sleep or just if she wants a cuddle. Like I did with Wilf I use breastfeeding moments as a way to parent. Lots of the time its not about hunger or nutrition but about comfort and closeness. About being able to drink a cup of tea or a way to calm a tantrum. I never planned with either of my kids when I would stop and with Wilf it came to its own end very mutually at two and a half years.

This probably sounds really shallow but whenever I try and think of a reason that I would want to stop nursing the only reason I can think of is to wear different clothes, ha! Sometimes I dream about high necked dresses, bodies or basically any kind of outfit without a plunging neck line or the ability to lift up. Even though Mabli might not actually need to feed for eight hours I don't really dare to wear clothes that are not bf friendly 'just in case'. Just in case she's upset and I don't have a way to calm her, or she's tired and I don't have an easy way to get her to nod off.

When Wilf was 18 months old I stopped feeding him in the night in an attempt to get a bit more sleep (and it worked thankfully!) and then about 6 months later he dropped all his feeds to one a day. I think it was about this time I decided to break out into my old wardrobe again and it was like having a huge clothing spree, all those items that had been off limits for years (especially if you count pregnancy!).

One of the items I'm dying to get back into are dresses like these. Totally not breastfeeding friendly but such a flattering shape. I love this collection from Boden, the ruched detailing around the tummy hides so much. I actually wore one of their dresses around six months ago (in this post) which is currently on sale FYI (I got mine in a 12).

I got this one in the Raven Pansy Floral and think its a brilliant piece for transitioning from day to night. You could wear it to work or for lunch with friends but throw on some fancy shoes a bit of lipstick and a purse and it quite easily becomes 'couple of cocktails and dinner' kinda dress.

I don't know how long my breastfeeding journey with Mabli will last, I feel like I'll probably do the same and let it run its own course whenever that might be. I think it will feel a bit more momentous this time round as she will be our last child. I was so worried with Wilf that the end of nursing would mean the end of those lovely bonding moments. Of course that was silly as still got just as many cuddles even when milk wasn't involved.

On that note would you like any more breastfeeding specific posts? Maybe more bf friendly fashion picks or even any posts about the subject? I'd love to know!

Photos by Lauren Jayne Hall


Unknown said...

I breastfed G for 6 months (until I weaned her onto food) so it didn't feel like that long a time to be limited to bf friendly clothes - I remember wearing a lot of shirts! This frock looks gorgeous on you.

Unknown said...

I really need some inspiration on breastfeeding friendly fashion for when bump arrives in a few weeks. I've bought a couple of gorgeous nursing dresses from good old ASOS but struggling to find many more that I like.x

Unknown said...

Yes please to breastfeeding posts both fashion and otherwise. I am feeding my second daughter still at 21 months. Sometimes it can be quite restrictive like on days at home when she demands I sit on the sofa feeding her all day. Other days when we are out and about she happily goes without. I will miss it as a cure all secret weapon and I can't begin to imagine getting her to sleep or back to sleep without it. I fedy first daughter until 20 months and would like to keep going for longer this time.

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