Me and Mine March

 'Me and Mine March' is a bit of a tongue twister isn't it??

We took this pictures right at the beginning of the month when we were staying at Old Lands in Monmouth (hence the wellies!). I can't believe I missed last months and I was so annoyed with myself as it's the first time I've done that in three years. I was determined to not let it happen again and I'm so glad I did because somehow we've zoomed through the month again and it's now almost May what??

I feel like April has set a bit of a different pace to our family life, a busier one for sure but its also seen a change in my kids (or maybe I'm just noticing it now). They seems to have both gone through some kind of leap and seem bigger and more able to do different things. Mabli can now speak a few words and although Wilf has always loved playing with her they are now finally actually 'playing' together (which is so lovely!). The other day Wilf woke up bright and early as usual but instead of playing quietly in his room when he heard his sister wake he said excitedly 'oh please can Mabli come and play?'. It was like seeing the start of the future of them interacting on a different level. I know pictures can make everything seem a bit rose tinted but honestly these two just get on really really well (although don't worry being one of five kids I know that fallings out will for sure be on the cards at some point!).

Work wise has been a bit crazy for me (I'm writing this on the early morning commuter train! Ever the last minute). I'm kind of proud of myself for pushing myself in areas I'm not 100% natural in and I love that my job gives me such amazing opportunities but there's always that tug of guilt about not spending enough time at home. I think whether you are a full time working mum or a stay at home mum you'll always feel guilt about something though so I'm just accepting it for that. I'm very lucky in that we have a set up that works well for us in terms of childcare and Tom's work being flexible too. It's such a relief to know that even if I am away for a long day or two that the kiddos are being looked after so well.

Wilf is doing so brilliantly at school and it writing letters to friends and coming out with the most interesting facts. I love our little morning chats where he makes me question so much. His teacher also told me how good he is at maths which he sure doesn't get from me, ha! In fact he'll often shout out a sum to me and I'm there secretly counting out my times tables on my fingers and we pretty much get to the answer at the same time! Probably shouldn't have admitted that, oh well we all have our different talents right? Mine is not maths ;)

These photos are pretty goofy and I look pretty tired in a lot of them but I wanted to keep them as I know when I look back I won't notice those bits and just my lovely family and the memories we made this month.

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Natural World - Vegan friendly shoes at Joules plus 20% off all full priced items!

Now that Spring is finally here and the sun is starting to shine I'm finding we're putting away our boots and coats and finally reaching for our lighter clothes and shoes. We're teaming up with Joules in this post to showcase their new collaboration with Natural World shoes. I also have an exclusive code to share 20% off all full priced items at Joules so look out for it at the end of this post :)

The first thing I fell in love with when I was introduced to this collection is the colours! They are so 100% up my street with their pastel tones. I can definitely see how you could be tempted to add to your collection, I already have my eye on yellow ones..oh wait and they grey..OK you get the idea.

As the Natural World collection run in both kids and adult collections we thought it would be fun to do a little mummy/son post. Since Wilf has started school he's appearing less in my pictures, part because he's busy with his buddies and partly because he's five and becoming his own little person and I fully respect that. However when I asked if he fancied us wearing matching-non-matching shoes for a just me and him pastry date then he was game, especially when a copy of Okido magazine was thrown in ;)

Natural World shoes are made from 100% natural materials, organic cotton, natural rubber and dyes, they are even vegan friendly. You can wear them with or without laces (I chose without in this pic) and they are super comfy and easy to just slip on. What's more they smell amazing too!

Excellent step jumping there kiddo

Me and Wilf are also wearing items from Joules. How cool is this shark shirt??

My little buddy. I feel like he's been through a lot in the past year or so, becoming a big brother, starting school, working out our new family balance along side us. He does is all so well, I'm so proud of him.

I'm wearing the Keeley shirt and Monroe trousers. Wilf's shirt can be found here and jeans here.

You can actually get 20% off Joules Clothing using the code FRITHA20 until 1st of May on all full priced orders!

In association with Joules


Green People - Celebrating twenty years

I've been a massive fan of Green People and their products for about ten years now. Not only for my children but also for myself (their lip crayons are the best). Whilst I tend to use a mix of products for my own skin I started using Green People on Wilf as a baby and have honestly never swayed. We use everything from their suncream to their shampoo and I know it's always going to be the best thing for my kiddos.

I'm really excited to be working with a brand that I love so much to celebrate their 20th anniversary! I think it's another testament to them that in such a competitive industry they have continued to grow and especially that they are so true to their voice and ethics.

The product I'm talking about today however is their 'BabySalve' from their organic baby range. It's a product thats been used by parents and midwives for years with dramatic results. I first noticed the product when a customer had posted a picture onto Green People's FB page of the difference it had made to her baby's skin issues. The picture showed a before and after within 72 hours to create a remarkable difference to his eczema condition. I'm not quite sure why it came up in my feed that day but I've since noticed a few pictures of the results from mothers claiming the same transformations, you can actually see some here.

Whilst neither of my children have luckily had any skin problems we have used it as treatment for nappy rash, something Wilf would get quite badly from time to time. I tend to keep one at home and then carry a travel size one in my bag, I use it as lip balm quite often but I've recently used it on my skin at night when it was feeling particularly dry. It's really like a multi purpose balm that can be used for just about anything!

I know that when it comes to things I use on my kids skin I'm really fussy. Babies and children have much more sensitive skin than adults and as such absorb so much more of the nasties that are in everyday products.  It's a subject I've become wiser to over the years and try to educate myself on as best as I can. I'm still learning though! I've actually just discovered how stripping SLS is to my hair and am totally changing up the products I use the contain these. Funny enough it was using the kids shampoo when I had ran out of my own that prompted me to look a little further into the subject. Although that's a whole different conversation to be had I suppose!

As part of their 20th anniversary celebrations Green People are giving away free samples of their Baby Salve. All you need to do is enter your details here signing up to newsletters is totally optional so theres no catch just an opportunity to give it a try yourself!

In association with Green People - Photos by Lauren Jayne Hall 


Beautifully Unpredictable - Washed in Happiness

I love these pictures so much, I feel like they combine everything I love, colour, Bristol, the harbourside, hanging out with friends and feeling 100% comfortable in the clothes I'm wearing. I think that comes across in the shots too, especially the one above!

I'm working with Fat Face in this post to showcase some of their summer collection. Inspired by items that can be worn whatever the weather as we all know the British weather is beautifully unpredictable. My hero item from this range would definitely be the Melrose Mac in the honey colourway. I'm obsessed with this coat now and have worn it non stop since. It's brilliant on the school run as I am more often than not getting caught in showers (anyone else notice they always happen at school run time??).

In the first pictures I paired the jacket with the Stratus Dungarees. Let me tell you, these babies are probably THE most comfortable item of clothing I own right now. Perfect for breastfeeding too as you just need to unbuckle one strap and life up whatever top you have underneath. I'm fairly tall (5,8) and find dungarees generally a tricky item to get right but as long as I have the straps on the longest length they fit perfectly. I teamed this look with the the Stripe Breton Jumper in blush. I think everyone needs a good few bretons in their wardrobe (just don't look in mine as I have way to many, ha!). This one is actually knit so a little warmer than putting on T shirt and great for the weather right now.

My friend Lauren (who took these pics) and I went exploring round south Bristol on the day we took these pictures. We stopped of at Spike Island for vegan brownies and to check out the latest art exhibition.

That place does a mean vegan brownie (if a vegan brownie can be mean?)

After a quick change we took a walk around the Lubaina Himid exhibition which you read more about here if you like.

I'm wearing the Connie Striped Dress with the Tasha Mid Denim Jacket. I always feel like denim jackets are such a staple wardrobe item. I still get a lot of use out of last years Fat Face denim jacket (you can see it in this post if you like).

After the show we grabbed a coffee to go and went for a walk. It actually decided to pour it down for about ten minutes ironically but lucky we were able to hide in a shop before heading back off on our way.

I'm wearing the Maple Embroidered Blouse which is also a great easy item to pair with jeans and the Tie Waist Tapered Trousers in the desert colourway.

Paired again with the mac after the rain!

I'm really unfamiliar with this side of town which is so strange given that I've lived here for eight years now! It was so nice exploring it with someone who is completely new to the area. We stumbled across a really cool looking reclamation yard as well as a cute cafe nestled amongst the houses. Just as we were walking back to our bus we found this walk and both gasped, I love finding people that can appreciate a good wall as much as I do ;)

In association with Fat Face - Photos by Lauren Jayne Hall


What Mama Wore - Pink Silk and Grey

I think my favourite combination in the world is blush pink and soft grey, it just feels so feminine and cosy. I've basically been living in this jumper the past couple of weeks as it goes with everything, dressed up a little like with this skirt or dressed down with denim. The scoop neck is super flattering too and it's just oversized enough to feel like you are wearing a little hug.

Skirt / Jumper / Shoes

These photos were taken by my lovely pal Kym Grimshaw (who has one of the BEST food blogs FYI) on a recent trip to cornwall and the hotel Watergate Bay. I didn't actually plan to match the interiors quite so well but I'm pretending it was pre meditated ;)



Mothers Day Jewellery - Posh Totty Designs

I think every time I try to hold both my children on my knee or in my arms I have the same train of thought. It basically goes something along the lines of 'wow these are my children! How do I have two children??' I think whether you have one or six kids I imagine you still find it amazing that these little people were created by you. It never gets old, I made these perfect little humans, amazing!

I talk about motherhood a lot over here and I guess it's because becoming a mother was one of the most defining moments in my life. It's not the only thing in my life (and if I'm truthful I need there to be other ways of being me or I'd go a bit loopy) but it of course the most important, how could it not be?

With Mothers Day fast approaching I was asked by Posh Totty Designs if I'd like a personalised necklace as a gift for the day. I chose to have the three tired 'personalised family names necklace' and had Tom's name added to the largest ring and then Wilf and Mabli in the smaller circles. It's such a simple but beautiful design but I love wearing my families name on me and close to my heart. I'm not usually a massive jewellery wearer (some might have noticed I only wear my simple wedding band and not my jewelled engagement ring). I rarely acsessorise so if I wear necklaces or brackets I want them to be simple and classic, which is often quite different from the way I dress funny enough!

Posh Totty Designs actually have 20% off this necklace right now if you fancy bagging one for yourself (or leaving this page open in front of your partner ;)).

In collaboration with Posh Totty Designs 

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