Me and Mine March

 'Me and Mine March' is a bit of a tongue twister isn't it??

We took this pictures right at the beginning of the month when we were staying at Old Lands in Monmouth (hence the wellies!). I can't believe I missed last months and I was so annoyed with myself as it's the first time I've done that in three years. I was determined to not let it happen again and I'm so glad I did because somehow we've zoomed through the month again and it's now almost May what??

I feel like April has set a bit of a different pace to our family life, a busier one for sure but its also seen a change in my kids (or maybe I'm just noticing it now). They seems to have both gone through some kind of leap and seem bigger and more able to do different things. Mabli can now speak a few words and although Wilf has always loved playing with her they are now finally actually 'playing' together (which is so lovely!). The other day Wilf woke up bright and early as usual but instead of playing quietly in his room when he heard his sister wake he said excitedly 'oh please can Mabli come and play?'. It was like seeing the start of the future of them interacting on a different level. I know pictures can make everything seem a bit rose tinted but honestly these two just get on really really well (although don't worry being one of five kids I know that fallings out will for sure be on the cards at some point!).

Work wise has been a bit crazy for me (I'm writing this on the early morning commuter train! Ever the last minute). I'm kind of proud of myself for pushing myself in areas I'm not 100% natural in and I love that my job gives me such amazing opportunities but there's always that tug of guilt about not spending enough time at home. I think whether you are a full time working mum or a stay at home mum you'll always feel guilt about something though so I'm just accepting it for that. I'm very lucky in that we have a set up that works well for us in terms of childcare and Tom's work being flexible too. It's such a relief to know that even if I am away for a long day or two that the kiddos are being looked after so well.

Wilf is doing so brilliantly at school and it writing letters to friends and coming out with the most interesting facts. I love our little morning chats where he makes me question so much. His teacher also told me how good he is at maths which he sure doesn't get from me, ha! In fact he'll often shout out a sum to me and I'm there secretly counting out my times tables on my fingers and we pretty much get to the answer at the same time! Probably shouldn't have admitted that, oh well we all have our different talents right? Mine is not maths ;)

These photos are pretty goofy and I look pretty tired in a lot of them but I wanted to keep them as I know when I look back I won't notice those bits and just my lovely family and the memories we made this month.

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