So that was half term!

I know half term can be a pretty tricky time for many, its a juggle for sure. Its super strange because before school I didn't really think too much about Wilf being at home with me (bar a few hours in nursery) but I since I got into the routine of the school week the idea of entertaining him 24/7 felt a bit daunting. As it was we honestly had the best time together, so much so that I have been really really missing him since her went back.

I know its a bit naughty but I'd even been fishing to hear if there were parts of school he didn't like to justify any feelings I had of wanting him back at home with me again. All my questions about it though have just been left with 'yes I LOVE it!' or 'I know, I miss you too sometimes mummy but I'd miss my friends more if I didn't go back'. Ha! I guess it's just part of that letting him go process, he has this life that I'm barely involved in for a few hours a day and apart from a few snippets about who he played with or what he learnt I just have to let him have that, those experiences that are his and not mine.

One day last week he said to me 'isn't it funny how a butterfly can recollect what its life was like when it was a caterpillar?'. Sometimes I feel like he is so much wiser than five years old, I'm loving these little chats we have together. My little buddy.

Something else that I discovered over the half term is that it is SO much easier to look after a toddler when her big brother is home to entertain her. I do really love their age gap and the fact I'm getting this time to focus on just her whilst Wilf is at school but I never really factored into account that the two of them would be able to entertain each other so well. He is such a good big brother too, now that he can read he's so keen to show her baby books. Of course he gets pretty annoyed with her too, when she tries to 'join in' and ruins his lego or rips up his drawings he's left in her reach but seeing the two of them love each other so much. It's just such an amazing thing to watch.

I'm one of five children and its the reason I would never had five children, ha!
I had a big brother who is five years older than me and when I imagined my future family I always imagined a boy and then a girl with a similar age gap. I feel so so lucky that I have these two kiddos in my life. I loved having a big brother to look out for me and really missed him when he left home. We now live on the complete other side of the world from each other but I hope these guys always stay close (both emotionally and geographically ;)).

If you're interested in any of the clothes the kids are wearing in this post:

Wilf - Tootsa top , Little Bird joggers
Mabli - Bonnie Mob romper and vest and hat by Papu Clothing. Also Miffy top and leggings by H&M

Thanks for making it to the end of this rambling post! I just wanted to throw these pictures up before suddenly it was the Easter holidays already!

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