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I mean you could call this a fail of a family photo (Wilf is getting less keen to stand still for one these days) but at least we're all in it regardless and at least we have the memories of this lovely day in Italy . My little sister Serin took this picture (you can see more of where we were in this post) and I think I was pretty much the only family member on board for doing this at the time ha!

I did think that I might retake one later in the month but just like that the month has flown by and at least we have one picture we're all in even if we're not all looking at the camera (story of my life!).

This month has been quite tricky in many ways, I think the tiredness of school is really setting in for Wilf and he's struggled since going back after the holidays. As such we've all been pretty crabby with each other! There's been other life admin like working out bits and bobs for the house (we're planning on moving and there is SO much to get in order!) and working out a better work life balance too (which again is a running theme for so many families I'm sure).

Don't forget to link up if you have a picture to share this month and don't forget to check out all the other lovely Me and Mine ladies too!  Lucy, Katie, JennyAlex, Charlotte and Lucy. I can't wait to see all your posts!


Visiting my sister in Bologna

I can't remember if I've mentioned this before but my littlest sister is currently living in Italy, Bologna to be exact. She is studying History and Italian and as part of her degree gets to spend a year studying in an Italian university.  I can hand on heart say that at twenty there is no way I'd be able to move and study in a different county, especially one where I wasn't 100% fluent in the language so I'm really proud of her. We'd been meaning to take the trip out and visit her for a good six months so finally made some time this Easter to pop over. Bologna is such a beautiful city and one I'd defiantly recommend visiting. I didn't take a bunch of pics as I was mainly just hanging out with my sister and also we were only there for one full day. After that all of us headed to Venice for a couple of days to hang out a bit more in a different city. I'll post separately about that one!

On our full day in Bologna we visited Le Serre Dei Giardini Margherita for a couple of drinks and some lunch. It was so beautiful especially with the Spring weather and they had loads of veggie options too. I think because they serve what they grow in the garden there, in fact I don't think there was actually any meat on the menu. It was all seasonal and delicious! I had a lasagne and Tom and Serin had a breaded tofu dish, I could have eaten them both twice over mmm

If you're visiting the city and you're veggie (or not!) then I'd definitely recommend it. It's right on the edge of these large beautiful gardens where we saw terrapins and lizards and the kids ran around the play park. Such a beautiful spot! My sister says she comes to get a coffee and revise there during the week, I imagine its a brilliant place for people watching.

My little sister is such a good aunty to these kiddos of mine. If only we weren't quite so far away. They love her so much!

Thanks for being our human tripod for this pic sis! ;)

I've included the little video we made of our trip in Italy, it includes footage from our stay in Venice too but I'll be sure to do a separate post on that as well! Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend!


The most beautiful dress

Dress found here 

Hey guys! Sorry it's been over a week! I feel like I'm always apologising for lateness over here but with the two week Easter holidays and us going to Italy to visit my little sister I'm just had less time to get online. Well, that's not entirely sure as I'm still over on IG a lot but I always feel like I need to sit down properly to blog. So it's finally a child care day and I have a warm cup of coffee (bliss) and a couple of hours to catch up with you all. I hope you had a lovely break!

You might have noticed I've been doing video a bit more lately and part of that is because I've joined the Channel Mum team. I'm really excited to be trying something a bit new and I love watching YouTube (probably more than I love watching actual TV! I think I must just be nosy by nature). So hopefully you'll enjoy seeing more of my face over there and I'll pop the videos here too just in case you miss them.

On that note actually I have a DITL (day in the the life) video live right now. It was one of those videos that took ages to get going. In fact I filmed an intro on Monday and Tuesday and then failed filming the rest of the day but persevered with Thursday, ha! I hope you like seeing these kind of glimpses into my day. If you have any recommendation of videos you'd like to see me do then let me know in the comments. I know I know I really need to do more on our home as it's the most requested subject I get asked about but it's just so hard to tidy the house for ha!

Anyway, this dress is THE DREAM. I still can't decide where will be practical to wear it because um it's white and I have two kids but I pretty much feel like a fairy in it so it's a keeper for sure (and 25% off at the moment too FYI)

Speak soon!


Gender Reveals.. Did we have a prefrence?

Hi all! We've just come back from Italy and I can't wait to share some snaps with you and our thoughts on visiting Bologna and Venice! We're knee deep in holiday washing and general life admin right now but that's what weekends are for right?

Anyway I thought I'd pop on quickly to share my latest video in can you fancy a watch. I'm talking about gender reveals. If you remember we found out Mabli was a girl all together (with Wilf) and recorded it in the video below (its one of my absolute favourites as you can see the moment we discover she was a she!). I love having a little boy and would of loved to have seen with develop that close brotherly bond but I have to admit that I had I had another boy there would always have been part of me that would have wondered what it would be like to have a girl. Mainly for that 'mother/daughter' relationship that I really hope we have as she gets older.

Actually a friend of mine wrote a brilliant piece about her feelings on having two sons when she also wanted a daughter, you can read it here if you like.

I know its SUCH a sensitive topic but I think its one that should be spoken about. It goes without saying that all we want are healthy children, I know what its like to experience miscarriage and I'm SO grateful for my two children but I also think its OK to also say you might grieve the idea of a certain bond or wonder what having a son/daughter might be like too.

What do you think?


Cat you speak cat?

I've always been a cat person but when I met my husband I kind of realised I wasn't a 'proper' cat person. I mean Tom is just obsessed with cats, one of his favourite pastimes used to be going for walks and stopping to stroke and chat to neighbourhood cats. I'm pretty sure if we didn't have kids we would have about ten cats at least by now ;)

We got our two cats Rockie and Maddie from a rescue centre. The lady that used to own then was a breeder and I think they just got too old to be bred or whatever (plus there were about twenties cats in that place). We were told that Maddie would only live in one room and was too shy to go out but I think it must have just been the environment she was in as within a few weeks with us she was totally fine. They are pedigree British Shorthairs and Rockie used to be a show cat (he even won best cat in the SouthWest in 2009 or something ha!). They are getting on to be about 11 now (we think!). It's safe to say their lives changed quite a bit when we adopted them. We've partnered with Lily's Kitchen in this post to share a little about our cats and how well we understand them.

Click below to read on (and see more cat pics!)


Pastel tyres and bunny shoes

When you sit on a chair that is so big it makes you look like a three year old

We are away visiting my littlest sister in Italy for Easter! It's been a long time coming as she's been there for about 9 months now and is heading back to the UK for her last year in uni in September. I'm so proud of her for moving to another country, it's not something I would have been able to do at twenty for sure!

My sister is a vegan but says its surprisingly easy to eat out with vegan options where she lives so I'm really excited to eat lots of lovely vegan and veggie dishes. It's always the thing I'm most nervous about when travelling funny enough, especially as we are trying to be plant based as much as possible at the moment.

I thought I'd share this little shoot I did the other week as I feel like the bunny trainers are particulaly apt for the time of year! I just love them so much, in fact Mabli has her own matching pair but frankly trying to get a 15th month old to stay still enough to get a shot of us twinning is near impossible!

I'm wearing the Pintura Jersey Dress from Thought Clothing, I love the brush stroke detailing to it and the colours of course! I just happened to spot this little garden off from North Street in Bedminster with tyre planters that matched perfectly! 

My sunnies are from Joanie Clothing and trainers by Minna Parikka 

I hope you are having a lovely Easter break, let me know what you got up to in the comments!


Toddler Girl Clothing Haul

Just popping my latest YouTube video here in case you fancy a watch. I know it will only be applicable to anyone with a toddler girl that they are dressing at the moment but just in case!

Thanks for watching and remember to like and subscribe if you're not already xx


Floral ruffled maxi at the laundrette

I've been SO excited to share this post with you as I think it might literally be one of my favourite outfit shoots yet. I saw this laundrette as we were taking a stroll round south Bristol and told Tom how cool I thought it would be for pictures. I think he got it but he didn't really GET IT if you know what I mean? Anyway when I told my buddy Lauren that I thought I'd found the perfect place she was like 'yep totally get it' and she just did you know?

Ever since I saw Liv Purvis in that pink And Other Stories dress I was getting major buyers regret for not whipping it up as quickly as others (if you haven't seen it, its sold out but Liv's post on it is here). So when I saw the Meadow Dress I debated it, I was scrolling through the site on the Mega Bus home from a job in London (I am nothing but glam ;)) and I posted a pic on my stories. Then simultaneously I both turned the page in my magazine to see this dress AND got a message from Charlotte at Betty Magazine to tell me how amazing it was and that's all the enablement I needed!

I have to say I'm not regretted the decision even though my bank balance is that bit lighter.

I love how it's so striking whilst still being something that I think you can wear everyday. It's not breastfeeding friendly of course which for me is the only thing that will stop me wearing it on repeat, but when my best feeding days are over then it's an investment (thats what I'm telling myself!).

In case you were wondering my sunnies are from Boden here and boots here.

I've compiled a little selection of similar items in case these are no longer in stock. Hope you liked this shoot as much as I enjoyed making it!
Photos by Lauren Jayne Hall


Little Loves #3

I've been joining in with my pal Morgana's Little Loves link up for a few weeks now via video. I just popped the latest one up on my channel so here it is if you fancy a watch!

A Colourful Easter Party

I'm not quite sure what my children think when I suddenly announce we're throwing an Easter party when it's not quite Easter yet but if I'm honest I think Wilf just took one look at the Easter eggs and no questions were asked! I'm working with Monsoon in this post and also a couple of fun posts over on their site. One is an Easter themed baking craft and the other involves some cool iron on patches for kids so definitely check them out if you can.

I know I'm biased but I have to say my kiddos are looking particularly cute in these pictures, I mean right? That bow tie for instance! When I helped Wilf put it on he said 'oh my first bow tie! I've never had a bow tie before!' He then proceeded to tell us for most of that afternoon that he thought it made him look quite handsome. I have to agree with you buddy!

Wilf is wearing the Erwin jungle-print shirt and bow tie with the Alfie chino trousers with braces. I love dressing boys in trousers with braces (long may Wilf let me dress him) and the bow tie just made it even cuter. He is also wearing the brogue shoes in brown.

Mabli is wearing the baby Beatrice wings dress which is just about the sweetest thing I think she has ever worn. I have to say I am loving getting into baby girls dresses, although there are so many nice boys’ clothes, little girls dresses are just something else. I love the pleating on this dress and the colour is my favourite, I think I'd wear it myself to be honest (maybe minus the wings in adult size ;)). I also chose these pom-pom booties for her which she was very pleased about!

I'm also wearing Monsoon in this post and chose this spot dress in navy. It's such a flattering shape and one of those items you can wear to feel that bit fancier but not overdressed if you know what I mean? I love the cut of the arms in particular and the neck line too make it really versatile with so many body shapes. I teamed it with the Alanis slip-on trainer which is a great everyday comfy shoe.

We had an Easter egg hunt around the dining room and then tucked into some the snacks we made for our Monsoon post here. I don't think the kids believed their luck! Although I've told them the rest of the eggs need to be saved for the actual day. I loved working with Monsoon on this party wear post, I hope you liked the items we chose!

In association with Monsoon.


For the love of floral

So some of you may have noticed I'm big into floral at the moment and it seems you guys are too. When I posted this top on my Instagram you all went nuts for it!

I don't know what it is about the combination of florals against black that suddenly feels so much more grown up too. I know that when I wear something like that as opposed to florals on pastel or white it gives a whole different feeling to them. Does that make any sense? Who knows I'm so sleep deprived over here that I'm doubting every sentence I say lately ha!

I took a stroll with Mabli for coffee in a lovely cafe just round the corner from my house (it's called Este if any of you are local and fancy trying it out, I recommend the hot chocolate!). I love the picture of me trying to show her the plastic animal, her face is so mistrustful of it!

On the way back home I was chatting with my friend Lauren (who took these pics) about how there are sometimes a couple of beautiful classic cars on this street but how when I try and take pictures they always have a couple of 'ugly' cars right next to them. As luck would have it not only were both cars parked on the street that day but they also had space around them for a pic! I couldn't believe how lucky we got, cue me dashing across the road to take a few pictures before anyone noticed me posing in front of their pretty cars!

I discovered this faux suede pink biker jacket on my friend Emma's blog. It was sold out at the time but then came back into stock and now I think is actually on sale if you fancy a bargain! You can find it here.

The dress is actually from Next, I'm pretty much loving their latest collections! You can see another outfit post with them just last week here if you fancy it. The boots are also from Next and they have a really cute cut out detailing I don't think you see from the pics as I'm wearing tights. My purse is from Cath Kidston but a little while ago now so I don't think it's in stock anymore.

Hope you all have lovely Easter holidays if you have school kids! I can't wait for some downtime!
Pics by Lauren Jayne Hall 

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