Instagrammers Sleep Over! Plus a Morris Minor road trip

Last week a bunch of friends of mine and myself were invited to a stay over at a beautiful wedding venue and stately home Elmore Court. I don't often stay away from the kids (this is my second time away from Mabli) but as it was less than an hour away and only for a night I felt OK about it. I had to pack my breast pump of course and as such didn't have the best sleep (I feel like I always sleep worse when I have to express as my boobs just hurt too much!) but it was such a fun evening so I wanted to share some pics and a little video I made of our time there.

This beautiful picture was taken by Sharon Cooper who spotted us as we arrived and asked to take a couple of quick snaps before dinner. I was obviously happy to oblige! Check out her wedding pics for sure if you're looking for someone who shoots like this. The floral maxi is from here 

One of the rooms in the landing of the new stable court accommodation and a shot taken by my buddy Kym (always good to have photographers as friends!). We were treated to cocktails in the spring sunshine before a lovely dinner sat around two large tables, catching up with friends and making new ones. Kym, Mona and I were sharing a room so we headed up to put our bags in and settle in after dinner but then just ended up nattering for a good few hours until it was almost midnight. I did wake up really early around 5 to have to express and sort of didn't really get back to sleep properly afterwards so was pretty tired the next day (nothing to do with the wine honest!).

Photo by Sharon

My friend Mona drove us there in her beautiful Morris Minor (named Maurice ) which was such a treat! Her beautiful car also made for a very pretty instagrammers prop! When she drove it round in the morning everyone rushed to take photos ha! 

Although our wedding was super low key and set in the venue room of our local pub (which I loved!) there's a tiny bit of me that would love to get married again and doing it really fancy in a place like this. I mean imagine!

Above three images by James Fear

The next morning on the drive back we stopped by the picturesque village of Painswick to take some more pictures for our feed. Mona and Kym are such pros at photos like this where as my subject matter is usually a bit different. I love hanging out with people who have different interests though as it always leaves me feeling really inspired and having a bit of a different outlook on life.

We stopped at this beauty spot and there was a slightly hairy moment when the car stalled as we took off again and started to drift backwards! Kym and I jumped out and Mona was able to role it down the road and start it up again. So impressed with her classic car driving skills.

You can find the blue dress pictured here 

Thanks so much to Elmore Court for having us! I made a little video of our night too if you fancy a watch!

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