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As a family, we love to travel and although sometimes travelling with small children can be a bit tricky and on the stressful side of things it's something we really try and embrace as much as possible. I think that experiencing different cultures and countries is such a wonderful thing to be able to gift your children with and I feel really lucky we've been able to go to some wonderful places. 

We're working with My 1st Years in this post to share with you some super cute pieces from their travel range. I think anyone with kids will agree that when little ones see something with their name on its makes them feel special. I know I spent my whole childhood trying to find gift shop items with 'Fritha' on them (as you can imagine I was never successful!)

We are actually planning a very special trip at the end of this month and so when I showed Wilf some of the pieces I picked out he was over the moon, especially with the suitcase!

Wilf and Mabli are both wearing their new 'TEAM QUINN' T-shirts which I LOVE. I can't wait for many more outings where we can get use of these. I did try and convince Tom to get some for us too but he said maybe too much ha! I'm working on it...

I asked Wilf what he'd pack in his suitcase for his holiday and this is what he put in there...just the essentials then! ;) We love the design on the Personalised Walrus Suitcase as well as the Spaceboy Backpack with his name on. I'm thinking about getting a similar size bag for Mabli like this cute cat set!

My little boy is still very much into My Little Ponies which I love, as you can see he has picked both the small and large versions of Twilight Sparkle! Mabli packed herself a Telly Tubby which is her favourite thing right now. I love having kids and seeing how excited they get about things that are special to them.

How cute is the personalised panda pencil case? We always take a pack of crayons and a note pad with us on journeys which has been a life saver sometimes. Wilf will often draw or write his own little stories now he can write! Mabli got a personalised lunchbox which we've filled with snacks like packs of raisins, fruit roll ups and biscuits. Any parent will tell you snacks are SO important to keep tantrums at bay with little kids.

Mabli got to pack her cute monogrammed espadrilles, what girl doesn't want footwear with their initials on right?

Both kids got the fluffiest dressing gowns with their names on them! I always love packing cosy clothes to mooch about it in the evenings when we are away, it immediately makes you feel at home

I'll pop the links for all the items in the widget below if you want to check them out for yourself, or you can find them all in one place here. Use code TIGERLILLY20 and you'll receive 20% off my travel essentials!* 

Thanks to My 1st Years for supporting this post.

*T&CsOffer code includes items from my Travel Essentials only, and excludes all other items including sale items. Valid until 11:59pm on 30th May 2017.

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