Whats in my mum bag with Milton (plus what I think about using a dummy!)

I remember in my antenatal class with Wilf we were asked to divide ourself to different areas of the room as to whether we would use a dummy/soother or not. I don't think I realised that they were a controversial parenting topic until I become a parent myself. It's one of those things that just seems like such a silly thing to judge someone on. I think I just stayed in the middle of the room like 'I literally have no opinion on them' if you want to use one use one, if not, don't!

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As it happens we found using a dummy SO useful with both children. Wilf was the worst sleeper in the world and the only way I could give myself a break (from breastfeeding all night long especially) was to intrude a dummy. We were really strict with using it only as a sleep cue so most people didn't actually realise he has one and when he was two we weaned him off it in about four days. 

With Mabli we also introduced a dummy although we have been a little less strict with her use of it and will give it to her as a comforter as well as a sleep cue. Tom and I always check that each of us have at least one on us when we go out as it's just such a helpful tool to get her to sleep or to have a bit of quite time if she is upset about anything. 

One of the worst things about being reliant on a dummy though is the worry that your baby will drop it whilst you are out and about and that you obviously can't give it back to them when its dirty! I'm working with Milton on this post to share with whats in my 'mum bag' and to talk about their brilliant dummy steriliser!

We have been using the 'Mini Portable Soother Steriliser' for a few weeks now and think its such a brilliant change back essential. Instead of having to find somewhere with boiling water to clean your dummy the Milton steriliser uses cold water. You simple fill it up to the line and pop in one of their steriliser tablets. The tiny tablets dissolve in seconds and then you can pop the dummy in and leave it to work its magic. I use our one in my bag but they actually come with a little strap which means you can tie it to the pushchair to always have handy. You also don't need to worry about it leaking as it's 100% watertight and it also has the added bonus of being BPA free!

So let me talk you through my mum bag..

Essentials - nappies, wipes, soother, Milton soother steriliser, Milton antibacterial wash

(actually I'd probably consider ALL of these essential haha)

The rest of my bag consists of spare change of clothes (for both Mabli and Wilf), snacks, toys a small book, crayons and Green People balm (which doubles as a nappy rash cream AND lip salve).

We tend to travel by public transport a lot, the kids are always touching the bars on the bus or train or Mabli will drop her soother on the floor (the worst!). Having something that can sterilise in 15 minutes is brilliant as you know you can clean one and if needs be just fill up the again using cold water to sterilise a further time. When you have a baby, especially a little baby their immune systems are still growing and they tend to pick up bugs and germs so easily. I think any mum will testify how hard it is when your child is working through an illness so anything that can help them stop picking up unnecessary germs is a winner!

Have you used any Milton products before? Do you think you'd find a portable steriliser handy?

Milton - Protecting what's precious for over 70 years from Milton on Vimeo.
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