Me and Mine July

It's the summer holidays! It's been so long awaited I can't tell you and then suddenly as the first week arrived I found myself completely overwhelmed and wondering what I was doing wrong. I ended up being a shouty mum, I felt stressed, I couldn't catch my tail and I had zero patience. I think I thought that as soon as school was out it would solve all out problems, how tired Wilf was how tired I was, rushing around trying to be a good mum to two little people with two completely different needs. Of course it took us a little while to get into new/old routines. Now we are a week in I feel like things are going a lot better and with August ahead of us I feel really positive about the rest of the holidays.

We actually took these pictures as part of shoot for another blog post but I selected a few for this months Me and Mine. I missed it last month as everything was getting on top of me a bit and all of a sudden we were two weeks in and I hadn't posted. My lovely friend Nell took these on the weekend and it was the prompt I needed to get this months post up. I do really love recording the months and it would be a shame to let a couple of slips here and there stop that.

This little lady has become quite the force of nature, she is so utterly sweet and kind but also has a fierce wild streak that Wilf never had. She stomps her feet and screams so very loudly when she is annoyed! I'm learning that what goes around comes around as I was quite the wilful child myself, ha!

Such joy!

I never thought I would have a daughter for some reason, whilst my experience of parenting these two kiddos has been quite different (as in if I were to completely generalise I'd say boys are so much more chilled ha!) I'm thankful I get to experience it. When I let myself I daydream about the woman she'll grow up to be I hope we'll be catching up over coffee. I hope she won't shut me out as a teenager, I hope I can talk to her about boys. Is it weird to think about all these things already? I'm not sure!

May need to practise the couple posing haha!

My beautiful little boy, Wilf had learnt SO much in his first year of school. He reads and reads and reads. He is self assured and confident but still so very sensitive too. He has been asking for a joke book for a long time so we got him one for the holidays. When we were travelling back on the train from our afternoon in Bath he was sat next to a man and they struck up conversation, Wilf reading him jokes and the man smiling away and us all chatting away together about our day. Seeing little things like that makes me so proud of the person he is growing up to be.

Our big news for August is that Tom leaves his job so we can both work/parent equally which I've been counting down the days for. I can't wait to get a bit more routine in outlives rather than hurriedly catch up on work and try and parent at the same time.

I've also decided to vlog everyday in August if you fancy following me along over on my YouTube channel. I'm quite excited for the challenge!

Don't forget to link up if you have a picture to share this month and don't forget to check out all the other lovely Me and Mine ladies too!  Lucy, Katie, JennyAlexCharlotte and Lucy. I can't wait to see all your posts!

Photography by Nell Mallia 


Open air swimming pools and fifties shorts

 Joanie clothing, portishead lido, 
I may think this every time I do a shoot with Lauren but I think this might be my favourite ever outfit shoot...ever ever..EVER

Saying that wouldn't every photo look dreamy in this location??

Early one Monday morning we set off to check out Portishead Lido whilst the pool only had one or two adult swimmers and the rest of the town was likely most asleep. It was everything I dreamed of and more. We've both decided to make it a mission to seek out as many Wes Anderson type locations as we can. Here's a handy list I found off the internet one time if you want some wanderlust!

Everything I'm wearing is from Joanie clothing apart from my clogs that are Lotta's 

I mean look at those colours!!

I don't think many other locations are going to match up with how amazing this one is! I've popped a little list below of some similar items!


Snackspiration our week in pictures

This is an advertorial post

Earlier in the week I shared a post telling you all that I would be posting a picture of my kid’s snacks every day this week. If you follow me over on any of my social channels I hope you liked them! Just in case you missed seeing them I thought it would be fun to share here and go into each day in a little more detail.

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Life made easier with Persil

Over the past week I've been trailing a new product from Persil. The Persil Powergems have made doing laundry for a family of four (rather messy) people a whole lot easier. Be it grass stains from end of year sports day or the array of things I manage to spill down myself whilst eating dinner with a baby on my lap!

When I first send the information about this product I was really intrigued, its not only been created entirely from scratch using 100% active ingredients its also uses a unique format to use fewer chemicals per wash whilst removing stains expertly.

One of Mabli's favourite jobs is helping me potter about with housework, she loves filling up the washing machine with clothes and taking them out when they are done. Clearly I'd never let her help but the detergent into the drum (and they are kept up on a high shelf very far away from little hands!)

I'm not sure about you but laundry is one of those tasks that simultaneously seems to never end but also feels like one of the most satisfying chores. I love the process of popping in dirty and then folding out clean and crisp smelling clothes into everyone's piles. There's something nostalgic about doing the laundry, I'm not sure if it harps back to finding my pile of clean clothes in my room as a child or perhaps washing all those teeny tiny baby grows as a new mum.

This new breakthrough technology is set to transform our clothes care routines, making one more job just that easier and more effective! I can also testify that it really does work well on stains, I thought I'd ruined a brand new top I bought Mabli but it came out perfect again, phew!

This post is part of a collaboration with Persil


NOW Blog Confrence


EDIT - NOW Blogging conference has now been postponed due to the ill health of the founder (which is such a shame, we wish her the very best of health)

I've been blogging now for about eight years which frankly seems like a ridiculous amount of time. Never did I think that started this 'web log' documenting bits and bobs from the internet, things I found pretty, my life with my boyfriend, then pregnancy then two children later. Never did I imagine it would become my job or a way for my family to be together more, to be creative, to make friends, to travel. These things I am eternally grateful for, daily thankful for.

Something I love about blogging or being an 'influencer' is that I'm always learning. From photography, to videography to writing or styling or even flower arranging. I always have space to improve and curiosity to learn.

I've attended a fair few blogging conferences over the years and it's been a great way to meet up with friends and come away knowing a little more about this or that but I can't say I've ever attended one that I've 100% thought would be my cup of tea. We're all different, have different dreams or skills or interests. When I first heard about NOW Blog Conference though I immediately thought it would be just up my street.

One of the first ever blogs that I read (9 years ago now!) and inspired me to start my own was A Beautiful Mess. I'm sure they have done the same for SO many creatives out there. Elsie and then both Emma and Elsie (and the whole team of talented writers and photographers that work with them) are one of the reasons that I believed that what I was doing might be a success, that what seemed silly to so many might work if I just kept at it. I'm lucky enough to know them both a little through IG and so when I saw that Emma and Trey were part of the line up for NOW Blog Conference it made me even more excited to attend. I'm really looking forward to finally saying hello in person and hearing them speak!

As well as ABM the conference has a bunch more exciting and talented writers, creatives and entrepreneurs that you can check out here. The conference takes part over three days and has some amazing brands and sessions lined up. I honestly can not wait!

I had been invited to attend the conference as a guest but I really am super dooper excited to go! Get your ticket before they sell out and see you there??


People Tree x V&A Collaboration - What Mama Wore

People Tree x V&A Collaboration 
You may have seen from my instagram the other day me sharing a sneak peek of this shoot. A collaboration between People Tree and the V&A and I was chuffed to get my hands of a piece of what will surely be a sought after range! 

Me and my pal Lauren went on a stroll around one of my favourite areas of Bristol, Park Row and The Christmas Steps. I needed to pick up some flowers and a gift for Wilf's teacher as an end of year gift so we popped into Les Fleurs (which is just the loveliest little florist with the most helpful owner!). The next day Wilf proudly marched into school holding them all all the teachers who spotted him on way exclaimed about what a beautiful bouquet it was. It also doubled as a pretty good outfit prop, win win  ;)

Afterwards I picked up a candle from Osmology as a gift which could quickly become a bit of a habit, ALL the most gorgeous smelling candles. 

I'm wearing the Tulip Print gathered dress which feels so 1940's. The print also comes in a jumpsuit, ruffle skirt and frill top. It's a higher price point but I feel like they are those special items that you'll keep forever and pass down. One of those dresses that has a story and makes me people comment (and we had a lot of people comment that day!). At the moment I won't be able to wear it that much as I can't breastfeed in it of course but other than that I think it would be a pretty comfy dress for general mum life! It's so loose and comfortable but still feels like it keeps a tailored and flattering cut.

Don't forget you can get 15% off at People Tree full priced items with TLQ15 and 10% off sale items with TLQSALE10

What do you think of the collection? Are you a fan of the V&A and this floral design? 

Photography by Lauren Jayne Hall 

Snackspiration with Super Yummies

This is an advertorial post

Hey guys I wanted to pop over here and share a little teaser of a project I'm working on with Super Yummies! You may remember back in Autumn when we took these pictures on a nature walk armed with plenty of Super Yummies snacks to keep those little tummies going. I'm really thrilled to be working with this brand again as we use their products so much in our house.

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Wish List: Summer style for you & the kiddos

Back with another wish list post today, one for you and one for the kiddos!

For myself I've definitely got a thing for wide legged trousers and pretty blouses going on - perfect for cool and simple summer style!

1. I love this new to me ethical clothing brand, especially these trousers.

2. I've wanted this embroidered shirt for so long and saw it was in the sale. It's still a little pricey but for a handmade item I'm really tempted!

3. These have been in and out of my online basket so many times in the past few weeks, do I need 
pink cord trousers?? I think so...

4. Just love this spotty blouse from Boden!

It's all things bright, patterned and colourful when it comes to mini-style!

5. Mini Rodini never does disappoint, plus these leggings are on sale!

6. M&S killing it again with their kids section, especially in love with this dress.

7. I haven't shopped Cath Kidston for ages but they have such sweet kids bits in at the moment, like this amazing jacket!

8. Can't get over these sweet dungarees (wish they came in adult size!)

Let me know what you think of these pieces and if theres anything you're obsessing over at the moment?

*this post contains affiliate links 


Our Weekend in Pictures and going a bit slowly

Like most parents of school age children (I imagine) I'm counting down the days to the summer, six whole weeks ahead of us to be together and five of those with Tom starting his new role as stay at home dad.

I'm excited about our new pace of life and slightly daunted too. We're stepping into the unknown and doing things slightly against the conventional stereotype so we have little knowledge to draw upon. Whilst I do know quite a few creatives they are either the only freelancer in the family or if they are a couple they don't have children. We don't have any friends we know of who are doing the same so we're just seeing how things go!

Wilf has totally loved his first year of school, he has learnt so much in so many ways, both socially and academically. He now knows the love of reading a good book and is writing and drawing his own stories. He actually said what he wanted for his birthday this year (a good 5 months away) was a stapler so he could create more books and bind them together, ha!

Over the weekend we took a trip to one of the city farms here in Bristol and enjoyed the simple pleasure of smelling flowers, giving the lovely pigs a good scratch behind the ears (I LOVE pigs so much) and spending time together.

Mabli found a stray balloon and claimed it for her own

She also dressed herself this day, Wilf still shows no sign of being interested in what he's wearing and is happy for me to pick his outfit out for the day. I don't think this will last as long with her!

So looking forward to these two being together more over the summer

This picture cracks me up, Mabli was actually quite timid of the pigs and was looking the other way by the fence as this one crept up on her. She only realised he was there when he started snuffling her toes! She promptly jumped up and bust into tears (I took a picture first of course haha).

We've been thinking a lot about our family lifestyle, how this choice for a slower pace extends to Wilf and his school week. I'm massively conflicted because I actually love Wilf's school and think he is thriving there. He is in such a small class (due to the fact another local school became outstanding and most sent their kids there) so he's been with about 16 children all year. He's different to me in many ways and I think whilst I would have thrived on creativity his brain is more academic, he loves maths and is good at it, he reads and writes and craves knowledge and I think the transition to year one will be easy for him.

HOWEVER I just hate that its such a long week, by Thursday he is practically falling asleep in his dinner and I feel like we hardly ever see the best of him during the week as he's so exhausted by being so 'good' at school.

I wish they had a shorter day or shorter week as it is quite a lot when you're five (I think I would feel just as tired if I'm honest and I'm 31!). So whilst I'm fairly happy with the situation part of me if always wondering if there is an in-between option. Or if we will have to move to Scandinavia as their schooling models always appeal to me a lot!

I'd love to know what you thought or if you're experiencing the same with your school age children. Also i'm thinking of doing a video all about our decision for Tom to quit his job so if you have any questions do pop them below! x
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