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It's the summer holidays! It's been so long awaited I can't tell you and then suddenly as the first week arrived I found myself completely overwhelmed and wondering what I was doing wrong. I ended up being a shouty mum, I felt stressed, I couldn't catch my tail and I had zero patience. I think I thought that as soon as school was out it would solve all out problems, how tired Wilf was how tired I was, rushing around trying to be a good mum to two little people with two completely different needs. Of course it took us a little while to get into new/old routines. Now we are a week in I feel like things are going a lot better and with August ahead of us I feel really positive about the rest of the holidays.

We actually took these pictures as part of shoot for another blog post but I selected a few for this months Me and Mine. I missed it last month as everything was getting on top of me a bit and all of a sudden we were two weeks in and I hadn't posted. My lovely friend Nell took these on the weekend and it was the prompt I needed to get this months post up. I do really love recording the months and it would be a shame to let a couple of slips here and there stop that.

This little lady has become quite the force of nature, she is so utterly sweet and kind but also has a fierce wild streak that Wilf never had. She stomps her feet and screams so very loudly when she is annoyed! I'm learning that what goes around comes around as I was quite the wilful child myself, ha!

Such joy!

I never thought I would have a daughter for some reason, whilst my experience of parenting these two kiddos has been quite different (as in if I were to completely generalise I'd say boys are so much more chilled ha!) I'm thankful I get to experience it. When I let myself I daydream about the woman she'll grow up to be I hope we'll be catching up over coffee. I hope she won't shut me out as a teenager, I hope I can talk to her about boys. Is it weird to think about all these things already? I'm not sure!

May need to practise the couple posing haha!

My beautiful little boy, Wilf had learnt SO much in his first year of school. He reads and reads and reads. He is self assured and confident but still so very sensitive too. He has been asking for a joke book for a long time so we got him one for the holidays. When we were travelling back on the train from our afternoon in Bath he was sat next to a man and they struck up conversation, Wilf reading him jokes and the man smiling away and us all chatting away together about our day. Seeing little things like that makes me so proud of the person he is growing up to be.

Our big news for August is that Tom leaves his job so we can both work/parent equally which I've been counting down the days for. I can't wait to get a bit more routine in outlives rather than hurriedly catch up on work and try and parent at the same time.

I've also decided to vlog everyday in August if you fancy following me along over on my YouTube channel. I'm quite excited for the challenge!

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Photography by Nell Mallia 

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