Tales from the sick house and life update!

There's nothing like a good bout of illness to make you appreciate normal non nausea filled days and after what was a very intense weekend of illness all round I'm practically skipping down the street in gratitude.


It reminded me of this day (four years ago) when I had been on my first solo long distance train journey with Wilf. He was 18 months old (as Mabli is now) and within the first ten minutes of our trip had projectile vomited on the shoes of many a business man off on the London commute. People were so kind at that moment, something I'll be forever grateful for, as I stood in the aisle trying to walk back to my seat whilst aiming my toddler who was throwing up in my arms as far away from other passengers as possible. We got off the next stop, more sickness on the platform, him stripped down to his nappy to try and make our way home. It felt like the biggest ordeal I'd been on at that point but when we were safe home in bed and able to change sheets and clothes and watch endless Frozen between naps I felt like I'd never been as comfortable in my role as mother and protecter as much until then.

Anyway, my story of sickness over the weekend was similar in a way in that Wilf and I tried to go on our second 'mummy/son' date since Mabli joined our family and ten minutes into our evening (at the zoo) we were met with sickness. No taxi would pick us up and Wilf refused to travel in one anyway so we made our way back on the intercity train, with kind strangers lending plastic bags and tissues and shooting sympathetic looks. Twice I felt the blood drain from my body as my own nausea took over but thankfully didn't turn into anything more. My poor brother who was visiting was struck down with the same back at home with Tom and Mabli who was at this point on her second day of illness was getting no better.

Intense doesn't even cover it! I'm grateful that Tom and I didn't get sick though, looking after three people whilst being ill yourself is near on impossible!

So much washing has been done!

I thought I'd share a little video of my week last week, at the end I thought the only sickness was Mabli and then Wilf got sick that evening!

In other news, I'm a guest judge at Veggie Magazine's Ethical Style awards judging the Best Bags and also the Best Accessories category which I'm super excited about. I also wrote a piece in their latest issue on shopping with a conscious which I've pictured below. The issue is out now if you want a read!

Image - Lauren Jayne Hall at Cafe Kino

If you fancy subscribing to my channel too then it would help me a lot :) I post every Saturday and am really loving documenting our life, it's so nice to watch back on

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