A year of school

As summer is fully upon us I'm so please we have broken up for summer holidays and I full six weeks with this beautiful boy. I can't believe that we are at the end of his first year at school!

I remember this time last year, feeling like the clock was ticking down to our last days together, the end of an era. I couldn't have predicted how much he would love his days at school, how much he would learn and how I didn't need to worry at all. That he has discovered things like the joy of reading! Magic! That for a few hours each day he has a life apart from me, and although I often miss him and those simpler days I'm happy for him and the person he is growing into.

We're working with Deichmann in this post and their 'back to school' range. Thinking about next years school uniform makes me feel nostalgic for the first uniform we bought. Making sure we had polo shirts for each day of the week, his book bag, school jumper and of course first school shoes.

I feel like shoes are symbolic for so many milestone moments. I remember like it was yesterday Wilf's first steps and first ever shoes and somehow in a blink we were buying him school shoes!

The ones we picked out for this post were the Bobbi Shoes for £19.99. I'd definitely recommend getting shoes with velcro straps like this for little ones as I think for Wilf he's a while off learning laces.

One of the things I loved when Wilf started reception was that 50% off all their learning was done outdoors. I love that when I pick him up he's usually filthy and covered in a mixture of paint, sand, dirt and probably soggy sleeves from some kind of messy play.

As such his shoes need to be robust and comfortable as well as looking smart which I think these do perfectly. The fact they are made of real leather and the quality stitching makes the price point even better value in my opinion. You can also buy one and get one half price at the moment which is brilliant as it means you can pick up daps for P.E too!

We took this pictures in the last few days of school and it reminded us how nice it is to do simple things like this together. Of course it helps when the weather is this good! I know that Mabli misses her big brother so much when he is at school, its so nice to see them play together when they are reunited.

Do you have little ones starting school in September? How do you feel about it? It's such a big occasion isn't it but if anything I think I would love to tell myself this time last year that it will all be OK! 

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