Our weekend in Pictures - A Summer moment

I was searching for something on my blog the other day and realised I'd set this post to draft (and also forgotten to actually write the post) with the business of the holidays. I didn't want to not share these memories though so indulge me if you will!

It's a funny old thing this blog, that started almost 8 years ago now for an entirely different reason. Because I was trying to fulfil a dream, of being an illustrator. Because I wanted to share my art work and in doing so I found a little community who liked reading about my life and its because of those handful of readers that encouraged me that even though my reasons for this blog now are entirely different its now become such a big part of my life and our families life. Something I could never have dreamed of back then! Some of you will have seen me blog about the day we moved into our first home together, our engagement, wedding, both my children births, Wilf starting school.. the list goes on! So sometimes when I wonder if anyone is really interested in a summers day in the garden or if I should just be emailing my parents these photos I remember the reason that I do this and why I love it and to all of you that check in every day and have followed our journey for so long! Thank you for supporting me every day and for making this my job, forever thankful and forever in disbelief that this is my life!

P.S I just came across a vintage 'our weekend in pictures' post! little Wilf and me with long hair! I look so young (and Tom's beard is so long!!)

Sharing a few pics from our time spent with Tom's mum in the summer. The kids absolutely adore her and thing she is the best person who's ever existed. I'm glad they have that relationship with her as I was never really close to a grandparent growing up as we moved around so much.

One morning I woke up to find Tom and Mabli having a tea party in the conservatory and my mama heart was like 'drink in this moment, treasure it, photograph the hell out of it so you remember it forever' ;) I know Mabli will treasure this picture when she is grown up, she is already such a daddy's girl (as was I with my own dad).

OK thanks for indulging!

Whilst we are at it I got lost a little down memory lane, check out 2014 in a round up (makes me wish I'd carried this on to 15 and 16!) or 'for my granny' or one of my favourite 'weekend in pictures post' mainly because that day was SO lovely and Wilf looks SO cute!

Speak soon and if don't forget there are loads of videos over on my channel if you fancy a watch.


Dannii Martin said...

How cute is that, having a tea party in the conservatory.

Lubka Henry said...

These are wondering pictures and it's so nice of you to share with us your sweet memories.

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