So that was summer!

So that was summer! How it flew by. Part of me feels so sad about plans I had and things we never struck off the list. I wanted more time with just me and Wilf and we only managed one afternoon of 'be together' time.

Then I remember that the little every day moments are just as special, that we made great memories just in our silly day-to-day. We took a few trips in the UK of course and whilst they were great sometimes the best times are just the fooling around in the back yard kind of days.

I know that Mabli will miss Wilf (or Wolf! as she calls him) so much when the school run begins again. She wakes up and his is the first name on her lips. Those funny little people, sometimes I feel like I know them so well and sometimes they are both a mystery to me. A couple of beautiful crazy little personalities.

I'm looking forward to the rhythm of the 9-3. Wilf's looking forward to seeing his friends and learning new things. I'm looking forward to a little more one on one time with Mabli. I think the new start will feel like a fresh start, for Tom and I to get a bit more familiar with our new schedules.

Mabli has grown up so much over this summer which is such a bittersweet thing. It's wonderful seeing her say more words and putting together sentences but its really clear now that she is definitely a toddler and not a baby anymore! Wilf has changed too, he's grown a bit more independence, he's pushing away and testing boundaries at times (so testing at times ha!) but I know it's all part of him growing up and yet another sign that he is becoming his own person. That being said I only need to take a look at his rosy cheeks and freckled nose and see the baby still there. He's still so little really.

I am glad I recorded each day over on my YouTube channel (even if it almost killed me)

Work wise I've been kind of crazy busy, I think because a lot of things were built up from before Tom left work but also because I've not wanted to miss too much of summer but still work a 40 hour week (I need to know my limits clearly!!) If you fancy it I made a vid of my career history here.

I couldn't resist taking a bunch of pictures on this day, clearly!

I get asked A LOT if I'll have any more kids and the answer is 99% no. I feel sad I'll never have another newborn in my arms or experience birth one last time but I feel like I'd probably feel that way if I had another and another.. I also just feel so incredibly lucky to have had two healthy pregnancies, births and babies that I feel like I couldn't be that lucky again. I don't know if that makes sense at all! So i'm very much trying to savour these firsts and lasts!

How do you feel about summer being over? Have you little ones starting for the first time?

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Nyomi said...

I feel the same about having a third. I couldn't be that lucky again could I?! I too have a boy the same age and a toddler daughter who are both perfect.

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