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As the leaves are starting to fall, I'm reminded that I doubly hate the school run when it means a grey and windy 8.30 that feels like Autumn has arrived already I realised I forgot to share I shoot I did at the bringing on the summer, whoops!

Anyway I love these pictures my pal Lauren took so much that I wanted to share and also to share the sort of post I used to love to write 'way back when'. Way back before the word 'baby massage' ever entered my vocabulary or when I had the luxury to blog on my hourly lunch break when I was just sharing things I found and loved.

This blog has changed a lot in the past almost eight years, as has my life, massively so! I'm no longer 24 (sob) and I've grown and changed as is naturally I suppose when you swap early twenties for early thirties but these are some of the kind of posts I loved reading so I wanted to try writing them again too!

I recently re-discoved my bookmark bar of blogs I read back in 2010 and after a good half an hour revisiting them one a childfree afternoon I thought I'd share some of the blog posts I've been loving lately. I so wish I had more time to read blogs and read new-to-me blogs so if you have any you love then do comment below what they are so I can have a peek!

One of my old time favourites is Bluebird (or Bluebird Vintage as she was called back then, when I used to buy from her vintage store) and although she now divides her time between that and Mother Mag and her own clothing line I'm glad she's still blogging. She was one of the reasons I wanted to start a family and I love the way she depicts her life with them.

I'm still loving Olivia's blog who has been blogging for just as long although is now only 23, super weird that I remember her 16 year old posts! Now I'm feeling VERY old. I also started following Lyzi around this time because we were all doing illsutration and also Ella both of which are such lovely talented girls and I'm glad to call pals!

Love Taza or (The Rockstar Diaries) used to be a daily read and I definitely still dip in and out although not as much as I did. At the time I didn't know any blogs like this in the UK and I'm not sure  it was really as much of a thing as it is today so my blog roll was pretty much 90% US based. Especially the 'mommy blogs' as I was just thinking about embarking on motherhood myself. I guess I've always wondered what niche I fit into and I think a lot of the way I blog is due to not really knowing any UK blogger doing the same thing as me until a good few years into this whole blogging thing!

The first blog I ever read was A Beautiful Mess. I don't think I'd fan girl for anybody but those two. Elsie is one of the biggest inspirations for me and I pretty much cried all over her adoption process blog post the other day. Their little girl will be so so loved and what a cutie!

Some of my favourite blogs today are just as much a mix of lifestyle, mum stuff and fashion as they were back then and I feel so lucky that a lot of these women are now my real life friends. I thought I'd share a few of my newer favourites in case you're not well aquatinted already.

First off my buddy Lucy from Oh Hello Face. This lady makes me laugh A LOT. Our kids are similar ages and we live just round the corner from each other so I love that we are in the same kind of industry too. Lucy is actually a make up artist but she blogs and does YouTube too so its nice to natter about mum life and blog life too. She's the kind of person with no agenda and no ego which is just what you need when this whole online world can sometimes mess with your head a little.

Talking about YouTube I love watching SJ Strum, she's just a super laid back mummy recording life with 3 kids but her videos always feel welcoming and real and I absolutely loved watching her Swedish summer.

My friend Charlotte from Betty Magazine is a real hoot and quite possibly has the cutest baby on Instagram. Defo give her a follow if you don't already!

Whenever I feel a bit uninspired fashion wise I go to Kat got the Cream's Outfit Math's section of the blog. She has such a good eye for putting things together! Also great for dress (and travel) lust is Little Magpie. And last but not least my pal Mona!

I think that's it for now but I'd love to do another of these if you like reading them. I think it's always good to share the love!

Don't forget to let me know who you love to read!

I've popped a little shopping list for this outfit below, the originals are now sold out (sorry) but these are similar!

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Jenny said...

It's great that you've been writing so long! I love the skirt in your photos!

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