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First off I should point out this post it a little image heavy but I've never been the best at cutting down pictures I love, especially when they of my kiddos. I'm sure most parents are the same! We're working with Baby Jogger in this post to share our thoughts on the City Mini GT. We took it for a test in Bath which is just down the road from us and so so pretty (if you've not been then I'd definitely recommend a trip it's just beautiful there!).

We like to adventure with our family a lot, be it places to close to home or city breaks through Europe. We've always felt like having kids shouldn't mean we couldn't stop exploring and actually they've made us want to explore the world even more! Something that is kind of imperative though is making sure you have a buggy that will help you do this easily and be OK with different terrain.

We've been using the Baby Jogger City Mini GT for a good couple of months now and really rate it for both our day to day and travelling further afield. Lots of you will know that currently neither Tom or I drive so we use public transport in the city we live in a lot. There's nothing worse than having a pushchair that takes up loads of room on the bus or you can't fold down on the train and luckily this one is the complete opposite. We've both said how brilliant it is for getting on our inner city train line as it's light weight and can be tilted to lift on really easily.

With two kids we tend to take quite a lot out with us on our outings. Baby Jogger teamed up with Laura Hamilton who shared her top tops for 'Travelling with Tots'. One of her tips was that she carries her fold up potty in the bottom for her toddler which is great for when you are potty training but out and about. Although we're a little off that milestone with Mabli I can totally see how you'd have enough room at the bottom for something like that which is great. We tend to use it to carry the change bag, our coats or picnic blanket incase we fancy an impromptu sit down in the park along the way! She's also been giving the City Mini GT a go with her two little ones and said it was brilliant for travelling to another country with due to it being so lightweight which is something we love about it to.

Although there are lots of 'travel' specific buggies out there I love that this one is great as your every day pushchair as well. It's really sturdy and holds lots of room as well as being really ergonomic. I struggle with a bad back a lot of the time and strollers are really hard for me to push for a while as their handles tend to be a little to low for me (I'm 5,8). This one is the perfect height but you can also adjust it of course if you are not as tall.

We don't have the the Glider Board attachment as Wilf is pretty good at walking now but I think if he was a bit younger I'd definitely attach one, they seem a lot less bulky than some of the similar designs I've seen too.

It also has an option to recline (which I didn't realise until later the day we first tested it out because I'm totally the person who doesn't read instructions ;)) which is really ingenious. A draw string lets the back sort of concertina backwards to recline and then fold up again without taking up lots of space. I thought that would such a great idea! The hood also folds down in three sections making it a great cover for wind or to create a quiet space if you are trying to get a toddler to sleep.

We've been so impressed with the City Mini GT and I love that it's perfect for both families like us that live in the city or in the countryside and can handle all types of terrain brilliantly. My favourite aspects are how easy and comfortable it is to push and how robust yet lightweight it is for everyday living and travelling with.

Have you tried out this model? I'd love to hear what you think!

In partnership with Baby Jogger - All words and thoughts my own 
Photography Nell Mallia 

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