Is there such a thing as too much Autumn??

Because if there is I don't want to know about it.

I LOVE Autumn, its 100% my favourite season and that's not just because my birthday happens to fall inside it. It's just so beautiful, not too cold and certainly not too hot but just the right temperature to throw on a chunky knit or a bobble hat.

Autumn even makes me excited to visit the park (and I HATE the park) that's what Autumn does for me.

One thing no parent likes about Autumn is the clock change, but despite even less sleep then usual we managed to get out, blow the cobwebs away and have a very British Sunday of feeding the ducks at the pond.

Look how Wilf is already over half the size of me, won't it be the weirdest thing when I kids grow taller than us??

Lets forget how many bugs are probably in my hair after throwing leaves..

I'm wearing the cosiest jumper from Fox and Feather which is one of the best Bristol clothes shops (in my opinion) it's originally from Native Youth which is a brand I LOVE. You can see them here. Also have my eye on this jumpsuit!

I asked Tom to take the pic above and then the kids thought we were all hiding behind leaves. Love the one Wilf chose and totally thought he was hidden behind it haha

How old do you have to be to not find going down a slide backwards fun? Because if there is a limit I don't want to know about it.

I love these picture Tom took of me and Mabli on the swings, there's a tiny part of me thats saying 'oh but I have no make up and I've not slept for two years and I'm pretty sure my thighs have grown two sizes bigger just in the last two months but honestly I mean who cares? My kids sure don't and I would have loved pictures like this with me mum. This is why I started this whole blog, to capture these moments and memories make up or no make up.

I mean..

And that was our Sunday! If there is ever a picture to frame its this one. I'm not saying that they are this close all the time but they sure do love each other this funny pair. I feel so proud of Wilf being a big brother and Mabli just adores him. They are a crazy pair when they get going and sometimes it feels like there is constant noise and questions and requests for snacks and the theme tune to Bing going on all day long, but I know I will miss these days so badly just as soon as they have passed.

It's really lovely being a mum.

(and thats what a beautiful Autumn day will do to me!)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend x

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