On being an introvert

For the longest time I've always associated myself with being 'shy'. My whole childhood I was described that way and in later life I'd just say 'oh I'm really shy and awkward' or 'I can't really do that because I'm too shy' but even then it didn't really sit right with how I thought of myself.

You see when I'm with close friends or even at events I'm not necessary 'shy'. I love socialising, I guess I am fairly confident in front of the camera, I can walk and speak to my video camera without feeling nervous and I do crave seeing people and chatting.

The thing is doing so sometimes makes me SO tired, I feel physically drained, my throat hurts (and not just from talking) and after a full day surrounded my large groups of people it can take me days to recover. Something I now know my friend Morgana calls 'Peopled out' (which I'm not stealing, thanks Morgana!). She actually wrote a great post called '5 things I do when I feel emotionally drained' which is definitely worth a read.

At the grand age of 31 I now know the signs of when I am starting to feel fatigued and I know to embrace my personality and recognised that I'm actually not shy I'm just an introvert, and thanks OK!

I made a little video explaining a little bit more below if you fancy a watch. I'd love to know if this resonates with you at all and if you think you might be the same!

(p.s dungarees here, bag here)
Photography Lauren Jayne Hall 

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Lottie :: Oyster and Pearl said...

Have you heard of ambiverts? I think that’s what I am - have never fully identified with either extroverts or introverts. I like socialising but I need quiet time alone to recharge x

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