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It's been absolutely ages since I've done a 'Our Weekend In Pictures' type post. I think because I've been doing weekly videos now on my YouTube channel (you can see the latest one here if you like) I've not done so much of a catch up over here.

Another reason I think is because I now work with some lovely photographers when I shoot my outfit posts and of course because Wilf is at school all of the week there really only leaves a couple of days a week that I have the opportunity for family pics.

This weekend we had such a nice chilled one and after a full day in London the day before I was even more grateful for slow days with my little gang.

We spotted this beaut of a car on the way to brunch on Saturday and of course I asked Tom if I could have a snap next to it. A guy walking his dog stopped to let us take the pic and when we told him to go ahead and walk past (how awkward is it when people do that haha you're both just being so polite like 'no you go first', 'no you take your pic' until one person gives in) he was like 'It's a gorgeous car, no wonder you want to get a photo with it!' For two non drivers I like to just hover near them and pretend its mine ;)

After lunch we hung out at a park by the station, Mabli was napping so we sneakily all ate some sweet treats and I didn't need to share mine with her, score! I always find that when we have just one child with us (or awake) everything is a lot more chilled and I feel like I'm much more in-tune parent. But then again when we are all together everything is just more fun, if a little crazy!

Tom burnt his arm last week cooking, it looks so sore!

When both kids were swinging this is just about as high as they got and Wilf was squealing 'we are SO high right now!!' He's such a thrill seeker ;) kidding bemused it's taken him about 5 years to be OK with going on the slide and I LOVE that about him.

This photo looks like everything is all going swimmingly but in reality Mabli was overdue her nap and we'd been waiting an hour for a our food. She was so cuddly and giggly but it could have gone completely the other way!

We always carry a note pad and crayons when we go out so Wilf doesn't get bored, I think it's been the trick in terms of being able to eat out a lot with kids. I always get a panic that I've forgotten to bring them though! This kid loves drawing so much, this afternoon Mabli and I started to do a mass tidy up in their shared room (and when I say help..you know how that goes) and when we came back down Wilf had been creating pages and pages of amazing drawings. I'm so excited for him to get inspired by creating, it reminds me of whole weekends I'd spend at his age drawing anything and everything and losing myself in my imagination.

This face!

Oh and lastly, quite randomly happened to capture this squirrel jumping which keeps making me laugh!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! xx

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