Soup of the day - Potato and Leek (and will my kids eat it?)

Like most mums my life is pretty busy. It feels like I'm constantly trying to juggle a million and one things and sometimes (more than often) I find I eat lunch too late or end up grabbing something on the run. I'd love to be able to meal plan or really prepare healthy and yummy lunches every day but the truth is more often than not I just grab a cheese sandwich!

We're working with Heinz in this post who have set us the challenge of seeing if we can recreate one of their Soup of the Days following the same recipe as one of their carton flavours. Whats brilliant about the Heinz Soup of the Day cartons is that there is no added sugar across the entire range. They also cook and seal them straight away meaning there is no need for added preservatives but they can still be stored in the cupboard rather than the fridge (meaning they don't use up valuable fridge space!). I love the idea of having a few stocked away in the cupboard for days when we haven't thought ahead about lunch and want something quick and easy.

I must admit though I was hesitant to believe that a carton soup would taste as good as soup made from scratch. I can certainly see the ease of convince but I was worried that would compromise just how tasty they might be. I was prepared to be proven wrong though and given that I had to serve these up to my family I knew their opinions would be genuine, especially the kids!

The recipe for the soup called for a 5 min prep time and 30 minute cook time but in actually fact it took closer to an hour as my prep time was more like 20 minutes! Probably because I didn't know the recipe and was stopping to read what to do etc so obviously it would be quicker if I knew what I was doing but I have to say I don't usually have time to be doing something like that in-between working and 'mumming'.

Saying that I did enjoy the process and it reminded me that cooking is a really nice relaxing thing to do when I have the time.

On the flip side of course the carton of Heinz 'Soup of the day' Soup took about 5 minutes to pour and cook.

The real test of course was putting it down in front of family, without either of the kids knowing which bowl contained which soup both chose the Heinz soup over the soup I made from scratch! I tried not to be offended haha. Tom thought they were equally as nice as did I so I think the taste test really proved that the pre made soup didn't compromise on taste at all.

The real winner of course is ease, there is no faff, no washing up pots and pans, peelers and chopping boards or rooting around for the hand whizzer that you can't remember when you used last.  When you lead a busy life you don't always have the time to cook from scratch and thats where having something equally delicious in your cupboard is defiantly a winner.

We actually made a little video of our results if you fancy a watch, I particularly like how Wilf took over the presenting, ha! What have I created? The fact that Mabli says 'more more!' after having her first spoonful is a recommendation in itself for the Soup of the day.

I'd love to know what you think and if you've tried this range from Heinz yet? Leave a comment below if you or if you'd think you'd give them a go!

In partnership with Heinz

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Dannii said...

Convenience is what wins for us too. These are great options for a quick lunch.

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