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Ecover have been part of my life since as long as I can remember. Being my parent's eco cleaning brand of choice they were the nostalgic purchase I bought on my first university shop. We've always had some sort of Ecover product in our home and I've always sworn that they work just as well as the stuff with the harsh chemicals. Better even because they don't have all the harsh chemicals!

I know that when I became a mum I became even more aware of the things that go into the products we used. I switched up all of our products so that anything I'd be OK using on myself I'd be OK using on my child. For me Ecover have always got this so right, they use formulas derived from plants and make your laundry so soft and gentle without using the nasties, making it a great choice for all the family. It’s also brilliant at removing stains, even on a cold wash, and dermatologically tested so suitable for sensitive skin.

So when Ecover got in touch to ask if I'd like to pop over to their event and chat about style and fragrance I was intrigued. Despite using their washing detergent, I have always noticed that they didn't really have a smell, other than 'clean'. That's not actually something thats bothered me all that much and I know that a lot of the strong smells that come with similar products are so heavily scented that they aren't my cup of tea. I do know though that for friends of mine the lack of scent was bit of an issue for them.

At the event we met with Cassie Browning (or 'the nose' as we ended up calling her after quickly becoming besties). We test smelt a bunch of different scents to see if we could decipher which was which. I did this with my pal Charlotte who was also at the event (also in the Boden suit of dreams). I have to admit I do get a teeny but competitive with a challenge, but I did manage to get 8 out of 10 correct which I'm pretty pleased with. I actually filmed us doing this over on my weekly vlog if you fancy a watch. We had such a blast, I keep laughing just thinking about it.

I was genuinely so surprised that some of the scents I really didn't think I liked (anything Liquorice or things like Amber) when put together created some beautiful fragrances. I think it's amazing that you can achieve these kind of scents without using synthetics or lots of chemicals too!

I had three gins in quick succession before my train which resulted in a little bit of a tired head the next day. Worth it though!

Having taken a few bottles home to try out ourselves I'm loving the new improved scents. Whilst I didn't actually mind the milder scents I have to say I'm loving these new combinations and having a slightly stronger fragrance. My favourite detergent I think is the Honeysuckle and Jasmine (Bio) but it was a close call between that and the Apple Blossom and Freesia (Colour).

I'd love to know if you've tried these yet and what you think? Would you give the new Ecover Laundry Liquid a go?

For more details on the Ecover product range and the new fragrances, visit their website or Facebook page for more information.

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Anosa said...

I have heard of Ecover but not used any of their products, I need to try their new scented products as I like scented detergents

Dannii said...

We love Ecover products in our house and the new scents sound amazing. As does all the gin ;)

Unknown said...

I've heard such great things about this brand but never tried it! Probably about time I did!

Unknown said...

I've also followed in my mum's footsteps using Ecover!

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