You said I must eat so many lemons

Apologies for the Kate Nash title (or actually not apologies because Foundations was a brilliant album) but I swear I have had that song in my head for about two weeks straight now. Tom and I keep walking around saying 'because you are so bitter' or 'I'd rather be with your friends mate because they are much fitter' pretty much on loop. I swear its a good thing we get each other so well, I'm pretty sure we'd annoy the hell out of anyone else.

I'm going off on a tangent there, but the title seemed fitting for the jumpsuit right? I actually wore this to my friend Emily's mermaid wedding which was so gorgeous and so Emily. I think she's actually my first friend to get married which is kind of weird as we're all in our thirties now. I went without Tom and the kids and got to hang out with some of our other pals there too, we all hired an Airbnb together and then Lucy and I were so mum tired we left at 10.30 and chatted with cups of tea until midnight. You can see some pictures here if you like.

I picked up this jumpsuit here for £40 and it's still in stock if you fancy getting it for yourself. I feel like its a great Autumnal piece for day time or evening! I wore it to hang out with my friend Lauren with and have vegan brunch together. She worked her magic on taking these pictures!

Would you wear this much yellow? I feel like its such a good Autumn staple!


Nyomi said...

It’s a gorgeous jumpsuit. I’m so tempted by it. Foundations was a tune and that album was great. I love Kate Nash. Have you watched her in Glow? She’s fab, her insta is good too.

Amy said...

OK I am doing No Spend November so trying not to buy myself any books, clothes or makeup BUT I have put this in ny saved items in the hope that it's still there in December! You look absolutely gorgeous in this colour and I can't get over how wonderful these photos are. Beautiful, truly

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