Where there's a Wilf, there's a way!

Because I don't share videos over here much but I really enjoyed filming this one!


Booking a little break

With buying a house at the start of the year and finally moving towards the end of the summer we've not really thought about going away. Now that everything has fallen into place (and we have a move date!) I'm starting to let myself think of the next adventure.

Wilf will be starting a new school and we'll all have a bit of upheaval come September so I love the idea of booking a getaway for the October half term. I'm working with Expedia in this post to share with you their amazing 'Add-On Advantage' feature.In a nutshell, it means that instead of booking all the different elements of your trip at once in order to get the best deal, you can book your car, flights or package and then come back to book your hotel later (right up to the start of the trip!). You’ll still get access to the same discounts on your hotel, just like if you’d booked everything together.

As you can see I'm using some quiet time I have in the bath with a hot cup of tea to browse the site. I

almost always get a little visitor to hang out with me before my tea gets cold though ;)

When it comes to planning trips I'm very much an instant book person and Tom is very much a
'research-for-quite-a-while' person ha! He laughs that I have to check the Instagram geo tag of a placebefore we go anywhere to see how pretty it is.

We gave Expedia’s feature a go as I wanted to see how easy it would be to plan a trip to Lisbon. We've been to the city before but only for two days and really want to go back and explore. With the 'Add- On-Advantage' you can book your flight, car or package and then it unlocks any of the hotel deals on at the time. Instead of having to book them there and then and miss the savings, it allows you the flexibility to go away and think about it, research the area or accommodation and come back at a later date with the deals still valid.

I absolutely love this idea as I feel like it appeals to both mine and Tom's style of planning a holiday. It definitely takes the stress and pressure out of having to do things all in one go and also great to know you aren't missing out on any savings you could have got previously.

What do you think about this new element of the Expedia website? Do you think it would make you more keen to book a trip?

In partnership with Expedia


10 things I love Friday

These culottes 
This boiler suit OMG 
80's denim jacket of dreams
Striped Collar T's like this are my wardrobe staples

5, Fluffy bucket hat, another 90's inspired fave
6, Perfect pink jumper 

7, It's going to be Autumn soon and you'll need this trench 
8, Cutest ribbed striped jumper 
9, love or hate I can't decide..
10, THIS shirt this shirt this shirt! 


10 things I love Friday (kids edition)

Mini Rodini Cat top (anything by this brand really but this is particularly special)
Future Ready T Shirt
Arket dress (these are so sweet and have a few different colourways!)
Mini Boden dungeree dress, I love the colour and pattern on this one

Mango have some amazing kids stuff atm, love this jumper 
This kids rocket bag is the best!! (we actually have this for Wilf for his new school)
Roarsome Jumper
Wish these came in my size!!

Some other things :

We have a pair of of these for both kids and they are honestly the best sandals!
How cool are these PJ's? 
I always forget how good this store is for kids stuff! 


Our Weekend in Pictures 19/7

When was it the weekend? What day is it now? The summer holidays have literally made me lose sense of space and time. Especially with Tom off too each day pretty much merges with the other, the only thing that really reminds me is work deadlines!
Anyway I wanted to share some pics we took lately, whenever that was!

We headed to Cardiff last week as part of a campaign for this picture, we love Cardiff and knew we wanted to make the trip at some point this summer so it was the perfect excuse. We also stumbled across Ianto's Shrine which I was really happy about, I loved that show so much and cried SO hard when he died, ah Ianto!!

Anyway, Cardiff had a man made beach on for the whole summer which was so fun, even if we did accidentally chose a rainy day to go, whoops!

Back in Bristol we popped out the 'Other Art Fair'. I wasn't sure how much we (especially the kids) would get out of it but it was really really good. It's the first time we've been as I had this impression of it being a bit stuffy but I was so inspired by all the artists and there was a real mix of styles and genres. Wilf got a lot out of it and it sparked a lot of chat about if he could be an artist when he was older (I told him he's one now but yes he could.. whilst holding back the fact my art degree was pretty useless tbh ha!).

We played a game where he was allowed to ask the artists he loved for their business cards as he wanted to create a collage out of them when we got back. We loved two pieces in particular and I was pretty close to buying one but Mabli chose that time to declare loudly that she had had enough. I'm glad of Wilf's business card collecting though as it meant we had the contact details for the artist we loved the most. When we (hopefully!) finally get into our new house we've decided we're going to buy it as a house warming gift to ourselves :)

The security guard at the door offered to take this shot for us and I'm so glad he did (I was trying to get Tom to take one of me and Wilf). We usually decline when people offer although I'm not sure why because we'd love more pictures of us all. I'm defo going to be taking people up on this more often now, despite how awkward it can feel at the time.

We find out tomorrow if our house move is actually going ahead so I'm feeling pretty anxious as I type this. Cross your fingers for us, I really really can't wait to show you the new place when/if its finally ours!


An update on getting a skincare routine and incorporating Mindfulness Techniques

You might remember I posted a blog a few weeks back about the connection between my mental health and physical health. I'm so thrilled to be working with the AVEENO® team on this project and exploring more about how taking care of myself and incorporating a skincare routine can benefit my body as a whole

I've recently been taking time out to practise mindfulness and their are a couple of techniques I've felt help with that. 

The first is anchoring, which is basically trying to anchor yourself to something you can focus on. For me its my breath. So taking five or ten minutes out of my day to really stop and to focus on how on my breathing, to relax and to notice how my body feels. Breathing deep breaths and concentrating on it leaving my body automatically puts me more in tune with how the rest of me is feeling. 

I'm also taking care of ensuring I'm really switching off before I sleep, no more looking at my phone until the last few minutes of the day. I've taken a book up to bed and I'm trying to read a chapter to wind down and forget about the worries of the day. 

As well as this I'm really taking time to start a proper skincare routine. I have to admit I usually find I'm 'too busy' to properly moisturise after my morning showing but I'm excited to really stick to one since working with the AVEENO® Dermexa range. 

The first product I'm using is the AVEENO® Dermexa Daily Emollient Cream. I love how this product doesn't lather or bubble because it doesn't contain any of the 'nasties' that produce that effect. The texture is really soothing and creamy and doesn't have a very powerful scent. 

After this I'm using the AVEENO® Dermexa Daily Emollient Body Wash which my skin seems to react really well to and almost feels like its drinking it up! Again the scent is really subtle but the cream feels luxurious and nourishing. 

Lastly the product I’m loving the most so far is the AVEENO® Dermexa Fast & Long Lasting Balm. I've been popping this in my bag and using it on my hands, elbows and knees but I know it will also be great for the patches on my face when I have dry skin flare ups there. 

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be using them daily and I'll be sharing the results over on my Instagram so do check in to see how I got on. 

Do you have any tips for a balanced lifestyle? Both mentally and physically. 
#BalanceofOats and #SkinStories


Ten Things I love Friday 30/07

1, Might look a bit like pj's but I'm digging them!
3, This skirt, this skirt, this skirt!!
3, Little bit Wes Anderson pink suit, can't go wrong

4, How cute are these stripped shorts?? 

5, would this even be a round up without a pink embroidered dress?

EVERYTHING about this outfit

6,  Top
7, Trousers
8, Bag

9, This gorgeous yellow Free People Top
10, Love this layered necklace from New Look (and only £7)

Sorry this is Monday and not Friday! Have a lovely week x

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Summer in the city - Harbourfest - Our weekend in pictures

I know I was saying a few weeks back how I was now a converted festival person but honestly I feel like Bristol is just one long festival in the summer. There is something on literally every weekend. We hadn't been to Harbourfest for about 4 years and had fond memories of going when Wilf was a toddler but when we saw the crowds and the heat of this years and I was tempted to just turn around and head back. Crowds make me feel so anxious at the best of times, its just really not my jam.

I'm glad we didn't though as once we'd weaved our way through most of the bigger crowds we found a quieter spot by wapping wharf and watched some fun sea shanties being sung and the kids got their faces glitter painted (still finding that all over the place).

We also spent our day doing a LOT of walking about managed to find four new Wallace and Gromits on the trail which Wilf was thrilled about as he hadn't seen many yet whilst he was at school. My favourite so far is definitely this floral one by my friend Ella Masters!

My little pirates

The other day Wilf said something to me and his accent was so Bristolian I had to ask him to say it again. It's times like that that remind me this is where they are from & will grow up rather than their adopted home like mine and Tom's. It makes me so glad we made the decision to stay and not to move back to Wales. You know when something just 'feels' right?

By the end of the day Tom was the human camel again (in 30 degree heat too) hero! We've had a bit of a tricky week with house stresses (remind me to never sell and buy a new house ever again once we finally move??) so it was lovely to have this time to just chill out and enjoy our beautiful city.

I've been a little quieter over here than usual and I think a lot of that is because apart from our trip to Cornwall at the start of the year we've just been saving and keeping our dates free for this new place and chapter in our lives. Honestly it feels like it has been taking the best part of a year so far but we are hopefully very close now.

Somehow we are mid week again and our first week of the school holidays. I keep thinking, oh it's going ok isn't it? We're doing well! And then remembering its only been 3 days so far, ha! Hope your's are going well so far too if you have kiddos in school



Skincare and living a balanced life #AD #SkinStories #BalanceOfOats

For the longest time I've suffered with anxiety, I've written about it a bit over here and over the years I've found lots of ways to help manage it and work out the things that trigger me the most. Sometimes it's not possible to not be in situations that can cause stress but it's good to know I have some techniques to help me work through them.

As a mum I can find that feeling overwhelmed and frazzled can really set me off. Training my brain to not spiral has been a big help you get caught in a negative cycle like that. For example, 'my toddler is having a tantrum publicly, I'm a rubbish mum for not knowing how to stop her'. Instead I tell myself ' I am a calm and patient person, this feeling of frustration is OK, we can work through this together'. It doesn't always mean I can stop her tantrums but it helps me feel calmer in the situation.

Generally though I find that my biggest cause of overwhelm and anxiety is when I'm feeling run down, or having done too much. For me this often means travelling to much, talking to people too much (that sounds weird I know but I'm an introvert and struggle with talking amongst a lot of people).

It's only recently I've discovered a correlation between how I feel mentally and how my body is reacting physically. I feel run down, my body is tired and my skin goes really dry. It's like my whole body is saying 'stop! look after me for a bit!'

So when the AVEENO® team got in touch and asked if I'd like to work with them trying out their Dermexa range I was really interested in the concept, as their ethos is that it is key to live a balanced life. And especially as they were so interested in the idea of treating your body as a whole, no mental health/physically health separation. More the idea that your mind is just as much of your body as your skin and should be considered when looking after your skin.

I was invited to their offices to speak to their dermatologist and phycologist to learn all about skin but also about looking after our mental health too. For me my skin flares up on my legs (I get dry flakey skin on my lower legs) also my elbows and knees and when I'm really run down or stressed on my face too (especially under my eyes and by my nose).

I'm so excited to come away with not only some brilliant mindfulness tips but also to try out the Dermexa product range. I am definitely one of those people that never stick to a skin care routine. I almost never moisturise after a bath or shower (I know I know) so I'm really keen to actually set myself a little morning and evening routine.

I'll be sharing my thoughts over on the blog (and IG) on how I initially find them and how I feel after using them over a few weeks. Cant wait to share how I find them with you!

In partnership with AVEENO®


10 things I love Friday 20/7

1, How pretty is this wrap around dress 
2, These shoes, you're either going to love or hate them, I love them!
3, This New Look cardigan, so many great bits from there right now
4, Love this T Shirt 

5,Ok don't hate me but I just couldn't get on with that animal print M&S dress (I just don't know how I feel about animal print stuff!) so this version is much more up my street
6, These wide leg New Look trousers (told you I had a thing for their collections right now)
7, I love this pretty pink Boden dress (haven't looked on their for ages some cute bits in right now)

8, I'm a sucker for a slogan jumper

10,  How cute are these culottes??

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Our weekend in Pictures

Hey guys! It's the end of the school year for us this week and I cannot wait! Although it's lovely that the kids age gap means that I have this time with Mabli whilst Wilf is at school my happy place is when we're all together each day.

Wilf loves school (like LOVES it, can't wait to go each morning kind of loves it) which I feel really thankful for. I was always open to discuss different types of schooling if he didn't and I'd be the same with Mabli or if either of them found it different in the future. On that note bear with me for being a proud mum but Wilf got his school report and he is exceeding expectation in just about every subject, that boy is such a smart cookie!

Over the weekend we went to visit our local botanical gardens as they had an exhibition on and it was such a lovely day. I made a little vlog about it which I'll pop at the bottom of this post if you fancy a watch.

I thought I'd share some pictures we took last week too into this post, they don't really fit in any kind of post but wanted to share anyway. The below made me laugh so much, I ordered a calzone in our local pub and it came out bigger than my head ha! I do love a good challenge!

Don't you just love our matching DM's!? They were a gift (although there was no expectation to post) and I loved us twinning so much I asked Tom to take some photos of us both in them. I remember when Wilf had his first pair when he was a toddler too, they are just so cute!

Roll on Friday and school being out for summer!


It's officially the summer

It's officially the summer! How did this year fly by so fast? And whilst we're in the middle of a heatwave, we were thrilled when Dyson got in touch to offer us their Pure Cool Advanced Technology Purifying fan to see what we thought. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to see how we've found it so far

Its no secret that as a family we are big fans of the Dyson brand, we own their humidifier, vacuum and I recently treated myself to the hairdryer too (game changer). One of the things that is a big selling point for me before we even go into effectiveness is the general aesthetic. You want something that is going to live in your home to be as beautiful as it is functional and Dyson hit the nail on the head every time in my opinion.

The 360o HEPA and Carbon Filter captures 99.95% of allergens and pollutants. The Air MultiplierTM technology projects clear air throughout the room.1) LCD display automatically senses particles and gases in your home and reports real-time air quality. I love the the the LCD display automatically senses particles and gases in your home and reports in real-time the airy quality. It oscillates up to 350 degrees to ensure it making each corner of the room as pure as it can be and well as cooling the room at the same time.

That being said in the winter when you don't want a breeze you can set it to just purify by projecting the air through the back of the machine so it's something that can be in your home all year round. We've been using the product for just over a week now and love it, another brilliant piece of kit from the Dyson brand that doesn't fail to disappoint.

The Dyson Pure Cool Advanced Technology fan comes with a two-year guarantee.

This post in partnership with Dyson but all words and thoughts are my own.
#dyson #ad
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