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I had a stereo in my bedroom when I was little with a selection of cassettes of bedtime stories. My favourite was one on Greek Legends and I'd play it over and over, having to jump out of my bunk bed to turn it around to listen to the other side. I've often thought that having something similar might help my two go to sleep a little better or even to listen to whilst they play lego.

Obviously things have moved on since then and we no longer have to listen to chewed up tapes or even scratched cd's ;) So I was really excited when tonies® approached me about sending the kids one of their audio systems.

There are so many things I love about these products, but my initial thoughts were how aesthetically pleasing it would look in their room. I find often electronics are designed to be shiny or sleek, so I love how tactile and playful it is instead. The Tonie's themselves (the characters that sit on top of the player) are equally as eye catching and just really sweet!

The Creative-Tonie (the little guy with the ears) is designed so that you can upload any audio onto it you wish. You could even record yourself reading a story which I think it a really sweet idea or just choose from the many free downloadable ones out there. I actually uploaded Aesop's' Fables onto it to start off with. They also come with different designs in case you want a few and need to tell them apart!

You can also buy from their selection of pre-recorded Tonies like the Red Riding Hood pictured above. I've actually picked up Stick Man and the Snowman to pop in the kid’s stockings and listen to on Christmas morning! 

Another thing I love so much about tonies is that they are so simple to use. Mabli has just turned three and she was instantly able to recognise that placing the Tonie on the top of the Toniebox would make it play. Both kids loved being able to control this themselves and it reminded me how much they have to ask for me to help them with things or permission to do something where as I'm totally happy for them to use the Tonies as much as they like.

The ears on the front of the Toniebox control the sound and you can skip tracks or chapter by tapping it on the side. Another brilliant example of how tactile it is and designed completely with kids in mind. 

Once you've set your Toniebox up on WIFI so that it can sync with your Creative-Tonie you can actually use it without WIFI. It has space for up to 500 Tonie's and a 7-hour battery life so perfect to take with you when travelling too (it also has a headphone jack).

It also turns off automatically once the story has finished so perfect for putting on at bedtime and not worrying about having to come in and switch it off etc

I honestly love this product so much and can't wait to share some of my favourite stories with the kids this way. You can also find loads of popular stories on the pre-audible Tonies such as 'The Little Prince' or 'The Gruffalo' etc with their personalised figures.

You can find out more about tonies here
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