A little of our rainy rainy Easter & how I feel about my children being part of 'Tigerlilly Quinn'

I'm trying to manifest 'we cannot change the weather it is out of our control' and not feel down about ALL THE RAIN!

Even with both of us at home, having yet another virus hit us all and not being able to get outside and blow the cobwebs away ( I know we *could* but I don't think getting cold and wet would be great for recovery) hasn't been great for lifting spirits.

Anyway, we did manage to pop out to one of the city farms for a morning before the hail arrived and we had a good morning so that was that. I was a bit miffed the weather wouldn't let us walk up to my FAVOURITE place for burger though but hey ho 'let it go, let it go...'

We actually took these pictures because of a IG campaign we were doing but I loved them all so much I wanted to share here too. I love my job for promoting me to take pictures when maybe I wouldn't have done. Although my dad always says 'this is what ALL parents are doing Fritha, it's just you do it for a job too' haha.

Late last night I stumbled upon *that* mumsnet thread and after scouring pages and pages I ended up googling 'Tigerlilly Quinn - Mumsnet' and to my absolute surprise found myself mentioned. I really didn't expect to at all as I don't consider myself to be very well know at all but thought what was said about me was fair. The first person to bring up my name mentioned me as a good example of disclosure of which I was grateful, another later on said they would have felt my disclosure better placed at the very top of my posts and not the bottom, which I'm very happy to take on board and change in the future.

I did have someone question a comment I made in a vlog once about my children being part of this 'Tigerlilly Quinn' brand. I honestly don't remember saying this but I'm happy to accept I may have! It gave me pause because the person felt this was a really awful thing to say, I wanted to explain that by that I of course don't mean they are employees or anything other than children who are my pride and joy! They are not models or actors but I think it would be naive of me to think that a lot of the jobs we do are only possible because we have children. I think about 70% of the collaborations we do are family focussed and having children is of course integral to that. If you were to look at the last 9 pictures in my instagram feed for example only half of them would feature the kids. In time I do very much believe the focus of this blog may change shape and move further away from a parenting theme as they grow older (and I'm not having any more kids! :))

Already Wilf is in it much less since he started school, many of the campaigns we do don't involve him but he is in them if he feels like it, if he is integral to the photo then he is paid for them (into his savings account for when he is older). Whilst we might suggest are kids dress a certain way on a certain day (Wilf actually is totally happy for me to choose his clothes every day haha Mabli may change her mind much quicker!) I think I'm very lucky that my children love having their photo taken, the photos we take are candid and generally are not any different to any pictures we would take on an average day. I'm digressing a bit I guess but I would also never photograph them upset, with their uniforms, naked or any other situation that could embarrass them or risk their safety. Those are our personal guidelines when sharing photos of our family online.

Phew! Didn't mean to actually write all that, only came on to share picture of the farm and moan about the rain, as you were!

p.p.s I also found myself mentioned in a thread about jumpsuits as someone who wears them well, thank you that person you made my day! ;) 


The day where everything went wrong! Vlog

Hey guys I FINALLY picked up my camera to record the day, I'm a little rusty as I've not done a video in weeks but I actually really enjoyed it..even though lots of things went wrong that day ha!

If you are new to my channel I would love it if you wanted to press that subscribe button. It would mean a lot to me!

Hope you enjoy! xx


My every day skincare - hair and make up routine!

I don't really do many beauty posts, mainly because I don't really feel 'qualified' enough. Because this blog is just about my life and my family and the things we do, I don't really have a skill to share or a debate to be had and shared. It's mainly just a little diary of our days.

However, I do wear make up, and wash my hair so I thought I'd share with you the products I use every day in case it's of any interest. I've got to warn you I'm a majorly low key kinda gal when it comes to products so if that's your bag you're in luck!

illustration by Laura Redburn 

So my basic daily skin care is washing my face with the Balance Me face wash which I find to be really gentle but effective! I then moisturise with Green People anti ageing facial oil which my skin just loves, it drinks it up in the winter but is a good all year rounder I think!

For my make up (yep that was my skin care ha told you I was basic!) :

I use the Body Shop BB cream most days, I don't go majorly heavy with foundations and if I use one I'll just use a tiny bit where my skin is a bit red (so by my nose or under my eyes). At the moment I have a bit of the Beauty Pie foundation I'm just using up before I try another!

I also use a bit of the Beauty Pie high-lighter stick which I really like and then put some of the Benefit blusher on the apples of my cheeks. I'm liking Dandelion at the moment but I have a few of their blushes and always love them. I know people rave about the Hula products too but I feel like I'm way to pale for them.

I use Green People mascara most days as it's really good but feels super light, I don't like the feel of things on my eyes to much so thats a winner for me. Plus the brush isn't clunky. I also use the Stila liquid eyeliner pen.

For my eyebrows I've been using the Rimmel powder brush for about 6 months now and love it, I go for the second to lightest shade as I like a dark eyebrow :)

Lastly I pop on a bit of the Dr Paw Paw tinted peach balm on my lips and a little on my apples for a healthy glow. I LOVE this product and carry it everywhere, this is my favourite shade though.

A quick aside about my hair. Three months ago I ran out of shampoo and started using the kids Child's Farm ones and it is honestly the BEST. I always get build up with shampoo even if its the nice organic stuff, I think it's because although my hair is fine there is loads of it so unless I have time to blow dry really extensively some ends up damp still and then gets greasy really quickly. This is the only shampoo I've found that not only really washes it's super gentle as its for kids and makes my hair feel really clean and soft.

That's it! Hope that was helpful for anyone, I'd love to know what your must have go-to everyday products are? Let me know in the comments!

*includes affiliate links 


Now you are two Mabli

Grown don’t mean nothing to a mother. A child is a child. They get bigger, older, but grown. In my heart it don’t mean a thing. – Toni Morrison

I feel like there isn't a day go by lately when I'm not marvelling at how quickly my two seem to be growing. Wilf with his school buddies, his amazing lego inventions he creates in his room (he called this 're-crafting lego' the other day which made me laugh so hard), his reading comic books early in the morning by his nightlight. Seeing him become a little boy with passions separate to our own and his own brilliant outlook on life.

Mabli too has bursts of being
independent, she want to dress herself and pick out her own clothes (Wilf doesn't yet want to do this so this was new on me, ha!). She is fearless on a scooter and she wants to mother her softies (and the cats) all day long. I remember so clearly these Spring days four year ago with Wilf at two, the conversations we would have, the lazy making daisy chains in the park, meeting friends for coffee (I actually found this post I wrote around this time way back then and it made me so nostalgic). I feel like these days are flying past so quickly now and I want to just freeze time. Isn't that always the way it goes?

We've started a few days of nursery (just three hours per day) to help free up some time to work so that the rest of the time can be focussed on the kids. We obviously work more than that but we can work separately so that one of us can be home or being the primary carer. It's not lost on me how lucky we are in this situation and I have you guys to thank for the life we've been able to create. I thought it would be a painful separation but it turns out she loves it, not a single tear has been shed and she runs to pop her little boots on as school as she hears its time to go. So ready to grow up and go to school like her big brother. Only don't grow up so fast OK?


Life Lately / Listening and Slowing down / Little Loves

Ok how did my two babies become two little people (or I mean Wilf looks like a teenager here right?!) I love seeing their little sassy personalities shine! Wilf's outfit is from Hip Little People

I wanted to share a few photos from the past couple of days. I've been asked a lot about what camera/lens/editing software we are using lately because our photography is looking a little different. The truth is that we've been using Tom's new Google Pixel 2 as our sole camera for the past fortnight and the quality is just so amazing. I mentioned a bit more about this on my IG feed but truth be told Tom has never massively been into social media or tech and his phone was about 5 years old and totally dying. It was always something I would nag him about because his phone was too rubbish to take pictures of us when I asked him to, ha!

Anyway since he got this new one (this isn't sponsored or gifted in any way btw!) I've been so impressed with it that I've switched sides too! My phone arrives today although I'm a bit terrified of moving to android over apple the camera really swung it for me.

So what else is new?


I recently dug out this book again which I bought when Wilf was about three years old. I have to say I found three SUCH a tricky age and having chatted to friends about it I think thats quite a common theme. I think as it goes we are fairly chilled parents, we have rules obviously and things that we have to enforce for their own good (bedtime, not eating too much sugar or staring at screen etc etc) but with most other things I'm more of the opinion that things can be a conversation and we're open to listening to their reasons for not wanting to do things or wanting to do things.

I think the trickiest thing we deal with as parents is the frustration of being 'ignored' a lot of the time we find that when we clash is when we're asking things twice, three times (or more) over. Or when we are asking questions and don't get a answer. If it can be helped, and I find it often can I want us to shout as little as possible. I hate shouting so much and I really don't want our kids to feel like they are being barked orders at that they have no choice over. Anyway, I found this book so helpful back then and I totally forget we had it so I'm going to dipping it some more as a reminder to stay on a track where we can both talk and listen to each other.


We've been watching Jessica Jones as the new season is back on, it's not the same as when David Tennant was in it *sigh* but it's still pretty easy watching. When I was sick last week I gave myself a day off and took myself to bed with Grey's Anatomy. I had no idea there were two seasons I hadn't watched so I'm rectifying that! Also - Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!


I've been loving the checked jacket I'm wearing in the last of the photos above, it's from Nasty Gal. I'd never shopped their before but I also picked up the flared cords and I love them both.

Check out my latest Wish List for some other things I'm loving!

This 'Little Loves' is a post set up by my friend Morgana, its a great way to find new recommendations!

Happy Friday! - Wish List

Free People Body Suit 
Boden Skirt 
Marks and Spencer Dress 
New Look Cord Sweatshirt 
Anthropologie Cardigan 
Skinny Polka Dot Jeans 

Hey guys! TGIF! I've had the worst cold for a couple of weeks now but I think I'm finally coming out of it. Anyway here are some of my favourite pieces I've spotted lately. I hope you like them!

Have a lovely weekend xx


Mothers Day 2018 - Just Living my best life!

Hey Guys! Hope you are all well and those of you that are mums had the loveliest Mother's Day. I'm so very conscious that its a hard day for so many for many different reasons. It's been a hard day for me for various reasons in the past too but I have to say that these little buddies just make it so joyful now. It's not lost on me how lucky we are, to be happy and healthy and not wanting for much in life then to spend as much time as we can together. I'm always grateful for this life we've carved out and don't take it for granted I promise you.

The kids have been pretty sick for the past week or so with this weird virus that seems to be going round. Mabli had it first which was hard because she couldn't really tell us what was up. Then Wilf got it and he could articulate better so we knew it was some virus that just zapped energy and left you with a nasty cough and feeling achey. Then I got it and I was like 'oh no! You guys have been feeling this poorly?!' Do you ever get that when you get whatever bug your kids just had and you suddenly realise how they must have been feeling?

Anyway Sunday I was still feeling pretty run down but I didn't want to hang around the house for yet another day so we decided to hop onto the city train and go the other side of Bristol for a change. We did the playpark then the city farm, then popped into one of our favourite toy shops to pick the kids up something for their pocket money (they got scratch and sniff stickers) before heading to lunch. We went to Oowee Dinner and oh my gawd it was the BEST vegan burger I have ever eaten. If you ever go there get the fake chicken, you wont regret it. Also deep battered cauliflower..I really want to eat that meal all over again.

When we got home we all watched Paddington 2 before the kids actually went to back without too much fuss (they must have known it was a special day) and Tom indulged me by letting me watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, ha! Kinda my absolutely perfect to be honest!

I hope you are had a great day too!


A practise run for Mothers Day and the prettiest homeware!

(This first photo makes me laugh so much, like mother like daughter hey Mabli)

We're fast approaching one the best days of the year, well for mums anyway haha! I love Mother's Day, I loved the excitement as a child of handing my own mum a fresh bouquet and our dad helping us bring her a pot of tea and her favourite breakfast in bed.

Now I'm a mum myself I love the day even more, it's all about being spoilt by my little gang. I feel so grateful and honoured to be a mum to these two. Whilst I always knew I wanted to become a mum I had no idea of the joy it would bring. I also had no idea about the amount of sleep deprivation it would bring too right? :)

I'm working with Sainsbury's Home in this post to showcase not only their lovely Mother's Day gift selection but also their amazing homeware range. All the items in this post from the bedspread to the coffee pot are from their Helsinki range. On that note can we take a moment to appreciate our PJ's? Also the fact that both kids got matching dinosaur flannel ones?!

Tom actually helped the kids create this lovely breakfast for me and I'm sharing some photos of that and some tips I have for cooking with kids (spoiler, just go with the mess!) so it you want to take a look at that then head over here.

This was one of the gifts the kids picked out from the range, I just love this laser print design and the message too.

The kids also picked out this beautiful floral wash bag and coral purse. I love the colour blocking and also the gorgeous botanical style illustration. Both the tray, coffee pot, mug, bedspread and throw are from the range too as well as the calendar I have on my side table. Although the kids keep changing the date on it haha!

We also chose out a couple of square picture frames so I have one of me and each child in each frame just by my side of the bed. The lovely vase is also from the range which matches the tray. I actually think its more to store thing in the kitchen as it comes with a lid but I'm using it as a vase here ;)

Motherhood isn't always the easiest ride, I not going to lie there are times of the day that I'm counting down to bedtime or a glass of wine (or tub of ice-cream) that I can enjoy alone without being asked questions or playing Lego or Duplo but those moments are tiny in comparison with the absolute joy being with them gives me. I know that right now in these moments I am living out my best days and I'm so thankful to them for making me a mum!

Thanks to Sainsbury's Home for working with us on this post and don't forget to check out their brilliant Mother's Day and Homeware section. 


My new work space & decorating it with Snapfish

(photo Nell Mallia)

One of my very favourite photos of all us was taking in the summer just before Tom quit his job. It felt like such a momentous time for us and a real milestone moment, I'm so glad we have this photo as a snap shot of that time. I also think it really depicts us as a family and what its like to have two young kids (having a pushchair full of items for every eventuality for a start!).

We're working with Snapfish in this post who asked if we'd like to choose one of their home decor items in which to personalise with an image. I knew straight away that I would use this image and I wanted to have something that I could use on my newly designed workspace. 

We created this space recently as I really needed somewhere to work from that wasn't the sofa. As we currently live in a two bed with no real opportunities to create an office area we made me a little area on the landing! I currently have my desk and little shelves and it's all the space I really need to take my laptop and notepad. I wanted to make the area a bit more personal though so when I saw that Snapfish did wooden canvases I knew that it would look lovely above the desk.

We're so guilty of not printing out our photos and the kids have rarely seen images that aren't on the screen. So for them to see us all on this lovely wooden hanging was a real treat and has reminded me to get more printed out.

(photo Lauren Jayne Hall)

My family are always my biggest inspiration in my life and my job so being able to see us on this beautiful wall art every day really gives me the motivation to plough through my emails! Whilst I was on the site I also took the opportunity to get round to putting all our Instagram pictures for the year in this photo book too!

Using the Snapfish project builder it's super easy to create your wall art in minutes. If you wanted to get a bit crafty you can use all sort of different graphics (and chose from fun items like blankets and cushions) and add multiple images if you want to. I love the idea of letting the kids design one of these in the future, it would make for a great Mothers or Fathers Day gift too I think!

Snapfish's home decor section has some amazing ideas for way you can be creative with pictures of your loved ones. You can get pictures on cushions or even blankets (I kind of love the idea of us all having cushions with our faces on them, the kids would think there were so funny!).

I also have a huge 50% off voucher for you guys to use (until May 31st) which is off all products and works worldwide so its a great chance to get those photos printed that you've always meant to get round to! Use TQHOME50 at checkout!

What do you think of our wooden wall art? Have you used Snapfish before?

In collaboration with Snapfish
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