Mothers Day 2018 - Just Living my best life!

Hey Guys! Hope you are all well and those of you that are mums had the loveliest Mother's Day. I'm so very conscious that its a hard day for so many for many different reasons. It's been a hard day for me for various reasons in the past too but I have to say that these little buddies just make it so joyful now. It's not lost on me how lucky we are, to be happy and healthy and not wanting for much in life then to spend as much time as we can together. I'm always grateful for this life we've carved out and don't take it for granted I promise you.

The kids have been pretty sick for the past week or so with this weird virus that seems to be going round. Mabli had it first which was hard because she couldn't really tell us what was up. Then Wilf got it and he could articulate better so we knew it was some virus that just zapped energy and left you with a nasty cough and feeling achey. Then I got it and I was like 'oh no! You guys have been feeling this poorly?!' Do you ever get that when you get whatever bug your kids just had and you suddenly realise how they must have been feeling?

Anyway Sunday I was still feeling pretty run down but I didn't want to hang around the house for yet another day so we decided to hop onto the city train and go the other side of Bristol for a change. We did the playpark then the city farm, then popped into one of our favourite toy shops to pick the kids up something for their pocket money (they got scratch and sniff stickers) before heading to lunch. We went to Oowee Dinner and oh my gawd it was the BEST vegan burger I have ever eaten. If you ever go there get the fake chicken, you wont regret it. Also deep battered cauliflower..I really want to eat that meal all over again.

When we got home we all watched Paddington 2 before the kids actually went to back without too much fuss (they must have known it was a special day) and Tom indulged me by letting me watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, ha! Kinda my absolutely perfect to be honest!

I hope you are had a great day too!


Micaela Levachyov said...

It sounds like you powered through and made Mother's day a great one!

Laura Dove said...

Ahh what a fab mothers day! Love your photos, they look to be filled with fun!

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