Neutral 0% for Sensitive Skin

Mabli has a best friend, his name is 'dog dog' (original I know) and he comes pretty much everywhere with us. Only parents will know the fear of possibly forgetting a favourite softie on a trip away (we've actually turned back on a journey for Wilf's 'Panda' softie before!) and how much that little bundle of fluff means to them. Consequently he needs a good wash fairly often before he is replaced back into her arms and squished against her face as she sleeps.

We're working with Neutral 0% in this post to highlight how brilliant it is for those with sensitive skin which as a mum I'm always conscious of with my two little ones. I was surprised to hear that 1 in  4 people in the UK suffer from allergies and this number is growing by 5% year by year .Currently almost half of households are affected.
We've actually used this brand a lot since being introduced to it last year but Neutral 0% have a range of products designed specially for s
ensitive skin with 0% fragrance and 0% colourants’. It's perfect for sure on her blankie and softie as these are items that are used daily and are in contact with her skin throughout the day.

It's also brilliant for using on Wilf's school uniform which also gets washed A LOT ( how do they get so dirty every day??). We used to find that Wilf would come out in a rash along his back where his trousers rubbed and despite changing the brand of uniform it would often still flare up. It's really important to us for that reason to use products made for sensitive skin to stop any rashes or itches. It's also used our bedsheets and duvets, there is nothing worst then having sheets that irritate you as you sleep.

I'd love to know if you've heard of the brand before and your experiences of sensitive skin.

Neutral 0% has received the Allergy UK Seal of Approval and is recommended by Netmums. 
If you’re interested in trying the products, the Neutral 0% Washing Liquid and Fabric Conditioner are currently on promotion in Ocado and the range is also available from Sainsbury's and Amazon. To find out more about Neutral 0% visit www.neutralsensitiveskin.com.

In partnership with Neutral 0%

Open to UK residents 18+. To enter, visit the competition post on the Instagram account of tigerlillyquinn and share your skin story and tag a friend. Opens 08:00am on 23/07/2018 and closes 23:59 10/08/2018. One set of 3 Neutral 0% products to be won. 1 entry per Instagram account. 


Micaela Levachyov said...

I'm trying to reduce the use of chemicals in my house. Lucky despite having sensitive skin I don't suffer too much from detergents but I think they are best avoided where possible!

Jade Bremner said...

I'm so glad my kids don't have a fav cuddly toy they want to take every where my son always grabs something and my 1year old daughter has to fill a bag. I've never heard from this brand but I tend to stick to the same as I often have reaction's to new washing detergents. If you they offered me a sample or my money back then I'd give a go.

Kelly said...

Detergents are actually pretty awful on the whole - full of chemicals, perfumes, and the fillers (don't start me on the fillers). We also use a natural detergent from Norwex which works great (cleans all the softies so they're safe to keep in my little one's bed) and cleans all the kid muck too.

Alice Megan said...

I'm so super sensitive to detergents so this sounds like it would be wonderful for my skin!

Beth Davidson said...

Oh gosh... I could do with this for my kids. They suffer will really awful eczema and sometimes regular detergents just make this 10 times worse.

rhian westbury said...

I used to make my parents go back if we ever forgot my teddy. My boyfriend has pretty sensitive skin so I have to be careful when washing the bedding and things like that x

Unknown said...

I have sensitive skin and some fabric products do make me come out in rashes which is never ideal. So this sounds perfect for me!

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