Hey guys! How has your week been? I feel like the summer is finally here and apart from the troublesome bedtimes I've been loving it. I'm definitely not a sun bunny but I love popping out to the garden for a couple of hours and soaking up the vitamin D.

I wanted to pop in and chat to you guys about IGTV, what do you think about it? Are you watching it? I have to admit I'm super excited! I usually get this feeling when there is yet another app or social media thing everyone jumps on like 'ah too much!' but this time I feel like maybe I've found the video format that fits a little better for me you know? I've tried probably with my YouTube channel for over a year now but always feel like I haven't quite found me feet with it. I'm not an authority on anything so I struggle to film and think of 'topics' and often it doesn't quite feel like 'me'.

So I think little short videos, maybe with not much talking (my comfort zone haha) and a little vintage feel could be just the inspiration I need. I've made a couple so far and had such a lovely response that I'm looking forward to continuing with them. You can see my IGTV channel here if you want, my favourite was a little 'day in the life' I popped up over the weekend.

If you are looking for some other IGTV channels I shared a few of my faves in this post (for some reason I can't seem to link them from a laptop?). I'd love it if you shared some of your faves below! 


Ten things I love Friday 22/6

This Madewell jacket is the dream! I'm not sure I can justify it so someone else buy it and I'll live vicariously through you??

This Glamorous jacket I actually featured in this haul video. I kept this piece!

I feel like there is a range of clothes at urban outfitters right now that is so 'Ace & Jig-esque' that I'm desperate to scoop it all up!

These La Redoute trousers, are they a yes or no for you?

This is one of my fave And Other Stories tops I wear it all the type with so many things

This Vera Moda wrap dress is so perfect for the summer!

If I can ask for anything this year can it be this anthro jumpsuit?? 

I recently picked up this denim jacket from F&F clothing and I'm loving how well they go with dresses

This straw beach bag, but perfect for every day too

Lastly these shoes! The perfect pink but the perfect cute sporty trainer 

*some links are affiliate 


Goodbye Rockie

A little while ago I worked with a premium cat food brand. Part of the campaign was that they were sending someone over to meet our cats and tell me what they were thinking. In PR speak they called that lady a cat phychic or something along those lines and I was SO excited to hear what she had to say. I was imagining she could literally 'speak cat' or read their minds or whatever and I was going to ask her so many questions like 'what was it like being show cats before we adopted you' or 'do you really sleep for 22 hours a day or are you actually living secret lives when we are out'. I had so many questions! Turns out she was a animal behavioural phycologist and she couldn't really tell me specifics on my cat inner thoughts but it was fun to chat to her regardless.

Anyway, because it was for a advertorial piece I roped in my photographer friend Lauren to do a mini shoot whilst she was there. I'm so thankful for that now to look back on, as yesterday our lovely cat Rockie died.

He was 13 although we had only known him since he was 5. We adopted him and our other cat Maddie together from a lady who used to breed their pedigree and also enter them in shows. Rockie had so many rosettes, no wonder the handsome little fur baby. I mean look at him!

We got our cats before we had kids, so they were our first kids and they made us a family. Rockie was very much part of our family and we are so heartbroken to be without him. I'm only glad we were with him when he got ill, and Tom was with him when we had to put him to sleep at the vets less than an hour later. I can't even imagine how awful it would be for him to have been in that way alone.

Because he wasn't ill at all before then it's come as a massive shock to us, the vet even said he couldn't believe he was 13 as he looked like a much younger cat. He had a sudden heart attack and lost movement in his legs within a couple of minutes, we were in the room when it happened, it was traumatic to see him fight for breath but at least we were there to stoke him and give him comfort.

Thank you so much to everyone who left us messages yesterday on my instagram post. Thank you for not trivialising his death. He was a very special member of our family and we miss him so much already.

Other posts about our cats :

The night we went to pick them up 

My happy list

The cats birthday party

We love our cats 

These sillies 


Bristol Volksfest and why I'm finally loving festivals!

Hey Guys! Hope you all had a great weekend? I wasn't planning on blogging about ours but I ended up taking so many pictures I couldn't bare not sharing them. Even if its just to look back on when I'm old :)

If any of you know me you'll know I'm not a massive festival person. I love my home comforts (a nice mattress) being able to take off my make up properly and have a hot shower and soft towels. I also have a fear of large crowds, of losing the kids, not having packed for enough eventualities, it raining..the list goes on.

I sound like such a joy don't I! ;)

Anyway this weekend we decided to brave a small local festival, one that we could go home afterwards to our beds and wasn't too far to travel (20 minutes) and guess what? We loved it! We had such a brilliant time we are definitely going to go next year and it's even made me feel like I might be brave enough for trying out others too, ha!

I wanted to share some of the many many pictures I took.

FYI the wet patch was my attempt to clean up an ice cream spill haha

The weather did get a little chilly and it DID rain (that pictures of me and Tom was after the downpour if you can tell from our hair) but only for a short while and we survived. Mabli slept in the sling for an hour which was long enough for Wilf to play on some of the rides that she wouldn't have been able to go on which definitely helped. I think Mabli is starting to get to the age where she can join in with things in the kids area and as we've stopped breastfeeding is becoming a bit more independent from me.

It's been a reminder to me to try new things and also that as the kids get older things get simpler. It's reinforced my feeling that we are definitely done at two children and it's made me excited for all the fun we can have together over the summer!
Disclaimer * we went to Bristol Volksfest as part of an Instagram campaign (see here) with F&F Clothing. There was no requirement to post anywhere else but I really loved our experience and wanted to share these pics over here too. 


Sadness and blues after breastfeeding (specifically PMS)

I wanted to write this post as I know its the time of post I would have wanted to have read when I was a first time mum. Actually it's a post I would have wanted to have read as a second time mum who four years later totally forgot about the whole ending breastfeeding blues.

I'm not going to go too much into the hormones the couple of weeks after breastfeeding as I touched on this before. Mainly that your body is still working things out and you'll likely feel pretty teary and off balance. What hit me hard was the heightened feelings before my first period after stopping breastfeeding (if that sentence makes any sense!). Annoyingly this week fell into half term week and not putting two and two together I generally came to the conclusion that half term was awful, I couldn't parent two children and my husband was driving me insane. I spent the whole week, down and depressed, not being able to muster up much positively or feeling annoyed the point I needed to go take deep breaths to calm down.

It wasn't until I came on that I realised OH! So it was PMS but times like 10?! Apparently one of the reasons for feeling down when breastfeeding ends is that you are withdrawing from all the lovely Oxytocin that nursing brings. I honestly felt like I was so down tired and anxious in that week that I would definitely agree with that statement. I wish it was something that was spoken about more because I genuinely thought those feelings were normal and started to question my life choices ha! Like am I happy in my relationship? Am I a good mum? Am I comfortable in my job? Then the week afterwards feeling like everything was actually OK with the world again.

My skin also flared up pretty bad and I have had more ache than usual, I feel like pregnancy & breastfeeding really sorted my skin out for ages and the hormones since since have made it so bad. Hopefully this will just be temporary though.

I've also been suffering from headaches, extreme tiredness and general 'meh' I've been super forgetful as well, basically my body was just freaking out. Although I'm feeling generally OK again now I'm not sure how long after stopping my periods and hormones will be this intense for but being prepared for that makes me feel a little better and like I'm not going totally crazy.

Anyway I really wanted to share this just incase anyone else is going through the same thing and reading this makes them feel less alone or suddenly starts ringing bells for them.

If anyone knows of anything that calms these symptoms down a bit I'm all ears, I'll share as much as I can find out myself. Isn't it funny how even if this isn't your first time at this it can feel so new again? Growing and raising babies can be full on hey!


5 Things I love Friday (umm on a Saturday!)

Hey all! I wanted to bring back some 'old school' posts on the blog, following on from this post on how Instagram and Instagram Stories has changed how I blog.

I used to do these kinds of posts all the time and looking back it's really funny to see how my taste has changed over the years!

1, Did you hear Crayola are doing make up now?? I mean it's probably a bit style over substance but who knows they might be great products too. Chances of me buying some and the kids using them to draw with are pretty high though ;)

2, I'm obsessed with this top from Urban Outfitters, isn't it perfect?

3, These semi precious stones necklaces, only £12.99 as well which is brilliant for handmade jewellery.

4, These simple black sliders, perfect with most outfits and they look so comfy.

5, Lately I switched to using net bags for my shopping, they are like a tardis they fit so much in. Even Tom is impressed and asks to use it when we go buy groceries! Love this one from h&m.

Have a great weekend everyone!

*affiliate links are used in this post 


Happy Friday and a ASOS haul!

Hey guys! I wanted to pop on here quickly and share a little video I did spontaneously earlier this week. I ordered a bunch of summer bits from ASOS and did a little haul. I don't tend to share video on the blog all that often (and tbh I only really do a video a week as it is) but sometimes its good to remember that people reading my blog might not know I do some videos too :)

Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

p.s this pic was taken at an event the other day but I thought it showed off the jumpsuit a bit better!

I've popped the links to the items below (they are affiliate links which means if anyone buys something I would get 5% of the sale of that item) Weekday Jumpsuit - http://bit.ly/2Lkvmxp En Creme pink top - http://bit.ly/2LoyuIF Floral dungarees - http://bit.ly/2JrgBvx Checked Blazer - http://bit.ly/2LoyBnz Orange Jacket - http://bit.ly/2LqnZVl Fedora - http://bit.ly/2LqPvlE Tassle Jacket - http://bit.ly/2LoyWGQ

Have a lovely weekend! 


Some more pictures from our half term & my thoughts on Instragram overwhelm

I'm a little out of practise of sharing my weekend snaps over here. Do you remember when I used to do this every week? I miss it! I feel like before IG took off I used to catch up with all my favourite online people on the weekend, cup of coffee and a read through their weeks. I love Instagram but I kind of miss how nice and slow paced that was. Isn't it odd that blogging is seen like that now?

I found some film for my Instax so used it up at our cabin, it's reminded me to make sure we use it more often, the kids thought it was so fun!

Tom actually took a lot of these pictures (credit where it's due haha) I don't know if I need to mention that or if it's OK for you guys to assume some are taken by me, some by him, some by me saying 'Toooooom can we just stop here and you take my picture? No I'm not going to look at you because it's supposed to be candid!'

I was chatting to a friend the other day about Instagram stories, how as an introvert I can sometimes feel overwhelmed watching them all or even just a few. How it quickly switches from one person talking to the next and my brain sometimes doesn't feel like it can process it all the fast. I guess our brains aren't really built to process so much so quickly from so many different situations and people, if you think about it before technology we would only speak to people face to face.

My friend said how she'd had a brilliant day with a pal, they hadn't checked their phones, they'd taken it slow, had lunch, chatted. That evening she picked up her phone and watched through her stories and it left her feeling really down, a total contrast to the lovely day she'd been having.

I initially didn't enjoy creating on stories, I could do it for a day if I was feeling partially chatty and then the next I would need to not post all day. Trying to do it more than that felt like a massive intrusion and draining. I've worked out now that to stay true to my introverted self I can combat this by taking any pictures I want during the day and then upload later all at once so I'm not on my phone too much, also by not actually speaking to the camera too much and only adding pictures or text helps too. I'm still trying to work out how to catch up with the people I enjoy following without feeling overwhelm. At the moment I'm just limiting myself to about ten people or knowing which ones don't need sound.

I'd love to know if you're the same or how you feel about them!

Anyway back to the photo dump..

We'll have been together for ten years later this year, I'm blaming the kids for those lines, 6 years team no sleep!

I love these last two pics with my little gang. Our trip wasn't all plain sailing, it rained a lot and the kids bickered a lot and me and Tom snapped at each other (a lot) but we still had lovely moments.

I read something the other day about how you only have 18 summers with your children and it totally freaked me out, talk about pressure! I'm down to 12 with Wilf already! To be honest though all they really want is time with us and time outdoors, nothing fancy.


Why I ditched my Iphone for the Google Pixel

Before I start I want to make it super clear that this post is no way endorsed by Google, I didn't receive any discounts and just wanted to make this post as I get a lot of questions about why I only use my phone to take pictures now :)

I first discovered the Google Pixel waaay back in November when I was invited to host a Christmas Crafting event with the brand. The event was actually all about the Google Home but whilst I was there my iphone was running out of battery and as all the team didn't have the same phones I couldn't borrow a charger. I had a play around with one of the pixels and was super impressed by the quality but never thought I would swap to an Android phone. Infact I've always been a bit snobby about them and laughed at Tom's ancient brick of a Samsung that didn't have storage for more than about 3 apps at at time.

Anyway roll forward a couple of months and Tom's four year old phone finally died and he decided upon a Google Pixel after a bit of research. I still didn't think I'd ever switch because 'Apple everything' is so engrained in me. Since my degree in Graphic Design I've always used a mac and the idea of not having everything sync was enough to put me off.

Since Tom quit his job 9 months ago he takes a lot of the photos for the blog, one day I hadn't charged my DSLR in time and we needed to shoot an ad. He suggested we took it all with his phone and although I was initially freaking out thinking phone pics wouldn't be good enough I was so thrilled with the results.

(this is the pic we first shot on the Pixel for an ad btw)

I started to do a LOAD of research comparing the camera of the Google Pixel and the iPhone X, in different lights, in depth of field, in movement, and pixel quality and although it was very close (like literally out of all the latest phones Google came out a point above iPhone) you could tell that for what I wanted to use the camera for the Pixel was the better option.

At first I did find working my way around Android a bit confusing as I'm so used to iPhone but after a couple of weeks it became normal. I would say the only part I dislike about it is the mail app it uses is gmail and I much prefer mac mail when it comes to ease of use (obviously you can use whatever email you have but it shows up in a gmail format). The downside or upside to this is I write much less emails on my phone unless it's just a one liner and save writing proper emails until I'm at my laptop. I actually find this means I'm on my phone much less and take more time in my replies when I do.

The massive upside is the camera, obviously I didn't have an iPhone X when I was due my upgrade (I had an 8) but the difference between the 8 and the Pixel is really clear. The Pixel's portrait mode is actually made via tech rather then a dual camera (as in it's an effect rather than genuine depth of field) but I actually prefer how this comes out in the shot. Whats also good to note is that when Google realise their new phone with dual camera AND the tech they already have the pictures will be crazy good.

Here's an example of some pics I've taken with portrait mode

I don't tend to shoot in portrait mode all that much but when you do it also saves the non portrait mode too.

Here are some pics we've shot in normal mode

As you can tell all these images are edited, I do all my editing through apps on the Pixel too. Snapseed is Google's own app and I use that for editing light etc and then I put them all through a VSCO filter also. I haven't used my mac to edit photos for about 4 months now!

One of my favourite things about the Pixel is the assistant. After you have taken all your photos of your day you get a little notification of stop frame animations or suggested photo edits. It's a little gimmick really but some of the animations have been really cute, you can see some of the ones Tom has posted here.

You can also talk to Google as you would your Google Home (if you have one) one of the things I love about this is you can use it as a self timer. Lean your phone against something and say on the other side of the room 'Google take a picture' and you end up with this!

In terms of syncing things between my phone and mac (to get these pics on my blog for instance) it's really easy and I use it much more than I ever did with the cloud. All your photos or docs or anything you create on your phone auto uploads to your Google Drive. So as as soon as you log in everything is there, either sorted into folders or date etc. With unlimited storage and free for the next five years at least I'm super happy with this option and haven't felt like I'm missing out with my phone now not being Apple.

Other things I didn't expect to enjoy but do :

The fact that my phone tells me what music is playing on the lock screen (sounds silly but is so useful)
Search engine results are carried automatically across from your phone to your laptop
All my notifications are shown as tiny symbols on my lock screen so I can see quicker what's important or needs looking at.
It's minimal, as it's made my Google it just has the apps you need without any of the other android companies trying to add extras too. You also get all android updates first.
It's intuitive - you can get to grips with it really quickly even if you've only ever used Apple
Finger print scanner is on the back so you unlock it as you're taking it out your pocket
Battery, lasts forever!!

Only negative I can find

No square photo option when taking pics so you need to work out how you'll crop it for IG

I did wonder if there would be limitations to what apps I could use but apart from one app (an Instagram grid planning app) I couldn't find again I quickly found an alternative. All the big names are there!

I'll be honest the main factor in buying this phone was the camera and it's not disappointed. I love that I always have a really good camera to hand rather than hunt around for my DSLR and miss the shot (like most of the kids). I appreciate that you wouldn't shoot a wedding with your phone but for day-to-day shots and for what I need it for it's perfect.

Do let me know if you have any questions or if you'd make the switch?


cabin in the woods uk - A retreat in the heart of the city

cabin in the woods uk

You know when you just crave a log cabin in the woods for some quiet?
We've not done masses of travel this year for a number of reasons. Firstly I guess school limitations, crazy holiday price travel and all that comes with that. Secondly, my anxiety of flying has stepped up a notch, team that with Mabli not being the easiest of travel ages has limited how far we'd be able to travel at the moment, and thirdly because we have been saving for the big house move has meant we are limiting big non-essentials spends.

However with the half-term upon us the first couple of days of rain meaning the kids were going a bit mad and we had ran out of local things to do we hadn't done a million times before. We decided to book a last-minute break with our only criteria being that it would be less than an hour away and less then £100 a night. We came across Nora the Nordic cabin which ticked both those boxes!

The cabin is £85 a night with a cleaning fee of £10 per trip. Making the time we were there a total of £400 for the entire stay. What we loved about the location was that it is a ten minute taxi ride from the train station and a fifteen minute walk to some lovely local cafes but still feels like it's in the middle of nowhere.

log cabin in the woods uk
rent a cabin in the woods uk
small cabin in the woods for sale uk

The owner Andy actually built the cabin himself and all the little touches to make it feel authentically Nordic were just perfect. He also built his own house which is just up the track from the cabin and is amazing, a real dream home with massive windows and dark wood exterior. Very impressive!

family log cabin uk

Wilf reading Mabli her bedtime story
log cabin getaway uk

From the front porch you can follow a little path down to the university gardens, large areas of grass for the kids to play as well as amazingly well kept bushes of flora, steams with stepping stones, duck ponds and rabbits hoping along the path. It was perfect to have all this on our door step as we actually only passed one person the whole time we were out there. It felt like it was all part of the cabin which was really special and something I hadn't even factored in upon booking.

getaway in the woods for families uk
exeter log cabin in the woods uk

Unfortunately for us it did rain THE WHOLE TIME we were there but we mainly spent out time feeling cosy in the cabin. There is a log burner but we never felt cold enough to want to light it, as well as a fire on the porch. When it's not raining you can also pop up the hammocks which come with the property too.

We mainly spent our time playing scrabble and dominos, eating take out (a bonus of not actually being the woods means you can get Deliveroo haha) and just hanging out. We did pop into Exeter on one day and had lunch at The Exploding Bakery which I'd recommend.

Although the cabin is built and is part of the owners land it actually has its own entrance and gate meaning that we always felt super safe to let the kids run all around it knowing they wouldn't be able to head up the path anywhere near the road.

cabin in the woods uk
families in a log cabin in the woods uk

Staying in this cosy little place reminded us we don't need to go far or spend much to feel like we've had a real break. We'll definitely be booking again (when it hopefully wont rain!) in the future. It also would be a brilliant base for some day trips to Totnes or Exmouth I think.

We booked Nora though Airbnb here but this post isn't in collaboration with them, (although we do use them all the time). If you've never used the site you can sign up here and we'd both get £25 off a trip. Or if you're all signed up you can just view the property here.

Do let me know if you end up booking!

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