Goodbye Rockie

A little while ago I worked with a premium cat food brand. Part of the campaign was that they were sending someone over to meet our cats and tell me what they were thinking. In PR speak they called that lady a cat phychic or something along those lines and I was SO excited to hear what she had to say. I was imagining she could literally 'speak cat' or read their minds or whatever and I was going to ask her so many questions like 'what was it like being show cats before we adopted you' or 'do you really sleep for 22 hours a day or are you actually living secret lives when we are out'. I had so many questions! Turns out she was a animal behavioural phycologist and she couldn't really tell me specifics on my cat inner thoughts but it was fun to chat to her regardless.

Anyway, because it was for a advertorial piece I roped in my photographer friend Lauren to do a mini shoot whilst she was there. I'm so thankful for that now to look back on, as yesterday our lovely cat Rockie died.

He was 13 although we had only known him since he was 5. We adopted him and our other cat Maddie together from a lady who used to breed their pedigree and also enter them in shows. Rockie had so many rosettes, no wonder the handsome little fur baby. I mean look at him!

We got our cats before we had kids, so they were our first kids and they made us a family. Rockie was very much part of our family and we are so heartbroken to be without him. I'm only glad we were with him when he got ill, and Tom was with him when we had to put him to sleep at the vets less than an hour later. I can't even imagine how awful it would be for him to have been in that way alone.

Because he wasn't ill at all before then it's come as a massive shock to us, the vet even said he couldn't believe he was 13 as he looked like a much younger cat. He had a sudden heart attack and lost movement in his legs within a couple of minutes, we were in the room when it happened, it was traumatic to see him fight for breath but at least we were there to stoke him and give him comfort.

Thank you so much to everyone who left us messages yesterday on my instagram post. Thank you for not trivialising his death. He was a very special member of our family and we miss him so much already.

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