Sadness and blues after breastfeeding (specifically PMS)

I wanted to write this post as I know its the time of post I would have wanted to have read when I was a first time mum. Actually it's a post I would have wanted to have read as a second time mum who four years later totally forgot about the whole ending breastfeeding blues.

I'm not going to go too much into the hormones the couple of weeks after breastfeeding as I touched on this before. Mainly that your body is still working things out and you'll likely feel pretty teary and off balance. What hit me hard was the heightened feelings before my first period after stopping breastfeeding (if that sentence makes any sense!). Annoyingly this week fell into half term week and not putting two and two together I generally came to the conclusion that half term was awful, I couldn't parent two children and my husband was driving me insane. I spent the whole week, down and depressed, not being able to muster up much positively or feeling annoyed the point I needed to go take deep breaths to calm down.

It wasn't until I came on that I realised OH! So it was PMS but times like 10?! Apparently one of the reasons for feeling down when breastfeeding ends is that you are withdrawing from all the lovely Oxytocin that nursing brings. I honestly felt like I was so down tired and anxious in that week that I would definitely agree with that statement. I wish it was something that was spoken about more because I genuinely thought those feelings were normal and started to question my life choices ha! Like am I happy in my relationship? Am I a good mum? Am I comfortable in my job? Then the week afterwards feeling like everything was actually OK with the world again.

My skin also flared up pretty bad and I have had more ache than usual, I feel like pregnancy & breastfeeding really sorted my skin out for ages and the hormones since since have made it so bad. Hopefully this will just be temporary though.

I've also been suffering from headaches, extreme tiredness and general 'meh' I've been super forgetful as well, basically my body was just freaking out. Although I'm feeling generally OK again now I'm not sure how long after stopping my periods and hormones will be this intense for but being prepared for that makes me feel a little better and like I'm not going totally crazy.

Anyway I really wanted to share this just incase anyone else is going through the same thing and reading this makes them feel less alone or suddenly starts ringing bells for them.

If anyone knows of anything that calms these symptoms down a bit I'm all ears, I'll share as much as I can find out myself. Isn't it funny how even if this isn't your first time at this it can feel so new again? Growing and raising babies can be full on hey!

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