Some more pictures from our half term & my thoughts on Instragram overwhelm

I'm a little out of practise of sharing my weekend snaps over here. Do you remember when I used to do this every week? I miss it! I feel like before IG took off I used to catch up with all my favourite online people on the weekend, cup of coffee and a read through their weeks. I love Instagram but I kind of miss how nice and slow paced that was. Isn't it odd that blogging is seen like that now?

I found some film for my Instax so used it up at our cabin, it's reminded me to make sure we use it more often, the kids thought it was so fun!

Tom actually took a lot of these pictures (credit where it's due haha) I don't know if I need to mention that or if it's OK for you guys to assume some are taken by me, some by him, some by me saying 'Toooooom can we just stop here and you take my picture? No I'm not going to look at you because it's supposed to be candid!'

I was chatting to a friend the other day about Instagram stories, how as an introvert I can sometimes feel overwhelmed watching them all or even just a few. How it quickly switches from one person talking to the next and my brain sometimes doesn't feel like it can process it all the fast. I guess our brains aren't really built to process so much so quickly from so many different situations and people, if you think about it before technology we would only speak to people face to face.

My friend said how she'd had a brilliant day with a pal, they hadn't checked their phones, they'd taken it slow, had lunch, chatted. That evening she picked up her phone and watched through her stories and it left her feeling really down, a total contrast to the lovely day she'd been having.

I initially didn't enjoy creating on stories, I could do it for a day if I was feeling partially chatty and then the next I would need to not post all day. Trying to do it more than that felt like a massive intrusion and draining. I've worked out now that to stay true to my introverted self I can combat this by taking any pictures I want during the day and then upload later all at once so I'm not on my phone too much, also by not actually speaking to the camera too much and only adding pictures or text helps too. I'm still trying to work out how to catch up with the people I enjoy following without feeling overwhelm. At the moment I'm just limiting myself to about ten people or knowing which ones don't need sound.

I'd love to know if you're the same or how you feel about them!

Anyway back to the photo dump..

We'll have been together for ten years later this year, I'm blaming the kids for those lines, 6 years team no sleep!

I love these last two pics with my little gang. Our trip wasn't all plain sailing, it rained a lot and the kids bickered a lot and me and Tom snapped at each other (a lot) but we still had lovely moments.

I read something the other day about how you only have 18 summers with your children and it totally freaked me out, talk about pressure! I'm down to 12 with Wilf already! To be honest though all they really want is time with us and time outdoors, nothing fancy.

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