Summer in the city - Harbourfest - Our weekend in pictures

I know I was saying a few weeks back how I was now a converted festival person but honestly I feel like Bristol is just one long festival in the summer. There is something on literally every weekend. We hadn't been to Harbourfest for about 4 years and had fond memories of going when Wilf was a toddler but when we saw the crowds and the heat of this years and I was tempted to just turn around and head back. Crowds make me feel so anxious at the best of times, its just really not my jam.

I'm glad we didn't though as once we'd weaved our way through most of the bigger crowds we found a quieter spot by wapping wharf and watched some fun sea shanties being sung and the kids got their faces glitter painted (still finding that all over the place).

We also spent our day doing a LOT of walking about managed to find four new Wallace and Gromits on the trail which Wilf was thrilled about as he hadn't seen many yet whilst he was at school. My favourite so far is definitely this floral one by my friend Ella Masters!

My little pirates

The other day Wilf said something to me and his accent was so Bristolian I had to ask him to say it again. It's times like that that remind me this is where they are from & will grow up rather than their adopted home like mine and Tom's. It makes me so glad we made the decision to stay and not to move back to Wales. You know when something just 'feels' right?

By the end of the day Tom was the human camel again (in 30 degree heat too) hero! We've had a bit of a tricky week with house stresses (remind me to never sell and buy a new house ever again once we finally move??) so it was lovely to have this time to just chill out and enjoy our beautiful city.

I've been a little quieter over here than usual and I think a lot of that is because apart from our trip to Cornwall at the start of the year we've just been saving and keeping our dates free for this new place and chapter in our lives. Honestly it feels like it has been taking the best part of a year so far but we are hopefully very close now.

Somehow we are mid week again and our first week of the school holidays. I keep thinking, oh it's going ok isn't it? We're doing well! And then remembering its only been 3 days so far, ha! Hope your's are going well so far too if you have kiddos in school


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