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With buying a house at the start of the year and finally moving towards the end of the summer we've not really thought about going away. Now that everything has fallen into place (and we have a move date!) I'm starting to let myself think of the next adventure.

Wilf will be starting a new school and we'll all have a bit of upheaval come September so I love the idea of booking a getaway for the October half term. I'm working with Expedia in this post to share with you their amazing 'Add-On Advantage' feature.In a nutshell, it means that instead of booking all the different elements of your trip at once in order to get the best deal, you can book your car, flights or package and then come back to book your hotel later (right up to the start of the trip!). You’ll still get access to the same discounts on your hotel, just like if you’d booked everything together.

As you can see I'm using some quiet time I have in the bath with a hot cup of tea to browse the site. I

almost always get a little visitor to hang out with me before my tea gets cold though ;)

When it comes to planning trips I'm very much an instant book person and Tom is very much a
'research-for-quite-a-while' person ha! He laughs that I have to check the Instagram geo tag of a placebefore we go anywhere to see how pretty it is.

We gave Expedia’s feature a go as I wanted to see how easy it would be to plan a trip to Lisbon. We've been to the city before but only for two days and really want to go back and explore. With the 'Add- On-Advantage' you can book your flight, car or package and then it unlocks any of the hotel deals on at the time. Instead of having to book them there and then and miss the savings, it allows you the flexibility to go away and think about it, research the area or accommodation and come back at a later date with the deals still valid.

I absolutely love this idea as I feel like it appeals to both mine and Tom's style of planning a holiday. It definitely takes the stress and pressure out of having to do things all in one go and also great to know you aren't missing out on any savings you could have got previously.

What do you think about this new element of the Expedia website? Do you think it would make you more keen to book a trip?

In partnership with Expedia

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