Our Weekend in Pictures 19/7

When was it the weekend? What day is it now? The summer holidays have literally made me lose sense of space and time. Especially with Tom off too each day pretty much merges with the other, the only thing that really reminds me is work deadlines!
Anyway I wanted to share some pics we took lately, whenever that was!

We headed to Cardiff last week as part of a campaign for this picture, we love Cardiff and knew we wanted to make the trip at some point this summer so it was the perfect excuse. We also stumbled across Ianto's Shrine which I was really happy about, I loved that show so much and cried SO hard when he died, ah Ianto!!

Anyway, Cardiff had a man made beach on for the whole summer which was so fun, even if we did accidentally chose a rainy day to go, whoops!

Back in Bristol we popped out the 'Other Art Fair'. I wasn't sure how much we (especially the kids) would get out of it but it was really really good. It's the first time we've been as I had this impression of it being a bit stuffy but I was so inspired by all the artists and there was a real mix of styles and genres. Wilf got a lot out of it and it sparked a lot of chat about if he could be an artist when he was older (I told him he's one now but yes he could.. whilst holding back the fact my art degree was pretty useless tbh ha!).

We played a game where he was allowed to ask the artists he loved for their business cards as he wanted to create a collage out of them when we got back. We loved two pieces in particular and I was pretty close to buying one but Mabli chose that time to declare loudly that she had had enough. I'm glad of Wilf's business card collecting though as it meant we had the contact details for the artist we loved the most. When we (hopefully!) finally get into our new house we've decided we're going to buy it as a house warming gift to ourselves :)

The security guard at the door offered to take this shot for us and I'm so glad he did (I was trying to get Tom to take one of me and Wilf). We usually decline when people offer although I'm not sure why because we'd love more pictures of us all. I'm defo going to be taking people up on this more often now, despite how awkward it can feel at the time.

We find out tomorrow if our house move is actually going ahead so I'm feeling pretty anxious as I type this. Cross your fingers for us, I really really can't wait to show you the new place when/if its finally ours!

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