Autumn is here

My favourite season forever and always. I'm a home girl at heart through and through, so a season that allows enough crispness in the air (but not too much to be too cold), allows for layering and presents us with the most beautiful colours in nature will always be my favourite. One that calls for little walks but home for cosiness, spiced everything and the promise of Christmas just round the corner.

Since our move to the other side of the city I find myself catching myself thinking 'how did we get so lucky?'. When people ask how or why I post in the positive 99% of the time it's because I honestly believe I have nothing to complain about regarding everything and anything. Of COURSE I have down days, I have frustrations and worries, we have days where no one is getting along. I have days where I feel lousy or sad or lonely or stressed. I also know I am fortunate for so very much, I am privileged and that privilege to me feels like to focus and share the negatives so often would be to be ungrateful for so much that I have.

That being said, my almost three year old (who thinks she's an almost 13 year old) has tested even my positivity ;) I'm not a saint for sure and I've have moments when she's thrown the 18th tantrum that day about something as major as her tangerine not being peeled to her specifications that I've found myself throwing my own tantrums right back.

For the most part I'm so thankful for this season and its promise of slowing down. I always feel like too much time indoors in the summer is wasted because we are all supposed to be out enjoying the sun (as we never know how much of it we might get I guess). With that comes a certain pressure I think. Autumn makes me slow down and often when the overwhelm overtakes me a little its always a reminder to do so. Isn't Autumn just like the feeling Sunday holds?

The house decorating is coming along nicely now and I feel like it's definitely my version of self-care. I can really switch off when I get into something like painting or wallpapering and don't really find myself flitting from one job to another or checking my phone or whatever. I've now wallpapered the living room and half the kids room (long story ha!) you can see a bit more of the decorating over on my YouTube channel if you fancy a watch. I've noticed a few new faces over there so thanks so much for watching!

One of the things I love so much about moving house is exploring our new area. There is definitely a lot more to do and even if we just have a walk around the harbour after school it really feels like I'm spent more time with Wilf during the week which I love. One day a week we meet up with friends for Wilf to play scrabble with (his fave!) and there are always things going on for us to pass the time at. I really feel like I'm discovering Bristol again, it feels like we are on holiday!

I think thats it for now, but I'll try and check in again later this week! x

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