Time to be a morning person - With Eve Sleep

I'm so excited to share this post with you guys for a couple of reasons, firstly I 'just' finished wallpapering the kids room and I'm dying to share how it turned out. Secondly we're working with one of our favourite brands Eve Sleep in this post. You might have seen us work with them a couple of months ago when we first moved into our new house in this post.

I have to admit my children are definitely morning people and I probably would say I was the same but argue against 5.30am being morning ;) I've slowly resided to the fact they will sleep past 6 when they are teenagers and then the tables will turn and I can wake them up.

However I think the difference in waking up early and feeling knackered and waking up early after a restful nights sleep can make the world of difference. We were so impressed with the quality of their mattresses when we had one in our own bed that it seemed only fair the kids got them too! 

For me the key to us all being happy in the morning is to acceptance. So we start the day at 6am but if we've slept well all night on comfy mattresses then we also wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day early. In many ways having those hours before we need to leave the house at 8.30am leaves us with a nice slow morning.

Now Wilf is at school Mabli misses him a lot during the day so them being able to play in their room when they wake up a while is perfect. Often I even get a chance to read a bit to them (or Wilf reads me his school book). We're actually getting through the last book in the Harry Potter series and I'm as eager as Wilf to know what happens next to be honest!

Tom has actually started to use the first hour of the day to go running. Our new area is so perfect for this as he can jog around the harbour which is so beautiful in the morning light. An early morning run is something he has wanted to get back into for a good while but always felt too tired for but now we're getting a more restful night he's got back into the rhythm of it. Rather him than me though in the cold to be honest ha!

Another I've learnt over the years to make the mornings a little more calm is to lay the kids clothes out the night before. Mabli is too young to dress herself quite yet (although she tries!) but its a great help for me that Wilf can do so without being aided and just makes life that bit easier when hunting for pants and socks.

Thanks so much to Eve Sleep for providing the kids (and all of us now) with these mattresses and a restful nights sleep. We're all such fans of the brand and definitely recommend if you're thinking about getting one.

Eve Sleep have also been kind enough to offer you guys £100 off non mattress products with an Eve original or hybrid purchase. Valid until the 30th of November with code MORNINGTIGERLILLY t&c's can be found here.

In partnership with Eve Sleep 

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