Hello it's been a while! Life Lately + Three Birthdays!

December is a busy month for us, not only is it Christmas of course it is also both the kids birthdays and our anniversary. All of it kicked off with my birthday on the last day of November. I'm never sure how I feel about birthdays, not about ageing but more so the expectation. To have a good day, to be thankful enough to be having enough fun etc etc. Tom and I both go in for a slow one, I once suggested a birthday party for Tom's 30th and he said if I ever threw him one, even a surprise one he would just turn around and leave ha!

Anyway I spent my 33rd having a lovely lunch with Mabli and Tom and then birthday cake with us all once Wilf was home from school. That's pretty much my ideal day, two nice meals and spending them with my little pals.

This photo wasn't taken on my birthday but the day I got new glasses a few weeks later.  I wanted to include it as..Tom in the background..

Happy ten years together Tom!

Wilf ended up having a big party as he has just started a new school so it was a bit of a treat to be able to invite so many of his new pals and have entertainment etc (we went with the Adventure Team incase you are local).

And he got to wear a Christmas Jumper to school on his actual birthday as it was jumper day. That was his day made! I mean look at them together! I can't handle how much love I have for these two little people.

For Mabli's birthday we just went to our local city farm for a run around and then birthday dinner and unicorn cake at home. I feel like at three she doesn't need a big party yet (there's enough pressure for that when she starts school!) and also she doesn't actually know any other kids her age yet!

So that was the three birthdays. I probably didn't take as many pictures as usual but I really wanted to leave off the pressure of recording every second and just take it in this year. The last part of the year has been a pretty busy one and I'm always conscious of how that ramps up during December!

I'll be back with a Christmas post soon! If only for recording these moments for me (and my M.I.L who checks in here for pics of the kids ha)


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