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Hey guys, I’m sure I’m not the only one who is grateful that the days are getting longer and spring is on its way! During the winter it always seems even harder than usual to get through all of the things on my to-do list. Being a busy mum, it usually feels like my kids’ social calendar is even busier than my own, and if I do get a window in between ferrying them to various groups, friends’ houses or school, then household chores and general life updates aren’t always high on the list.

It’s funny though because deep down I know that I always feel much better if I complete these simple tasks straight away. I’ve teamed up with Cyber Aware on their new #LifeUpdates campaign which is about encouraging you to complete one very simple life update - installing the latest software and app updates.  By installing the latest software and app updates you’re protecting your devices and reducing the risk of a cyber attack. A few minutes now and you could potentially save yourself a lot of time, stress or money later!

I know how easy it is to forget about essential life updates like this, so I’m going to share my top five life updates to save you time and money and maybe make life a little bit easier
Tip 1: Use comparison sites to shop around

My first tip would be shop around – and this applies to anything from bank accounts to energy providers. Banks often have introductory offers that contain great deals, for example if you join certain banks they might give you £100 up front as a joining gift. You can change your bank annually and, the best part is, they tend to do most of the leg work.
If you’re struggling to find the best deal, you can use a comparison site as these make it even easier to see which companies are offering the best deals and to check you’re getting a contract with an energy provider which suits your energy consumption.

Tip 2: Sort through all those old toys and clothes

I don’t know about you, but we have so many old clothes and toys in my household, I recently did a spring clean and realised there were plenty of items I could sell or donate. Selling these online is such a good way to make a bit of pocket money, however for the feel good factor I would always recommend donating them to a local charity shop.

Tip 3: Always install the latest software and app updates

This is the quickest and easiest tip I’ll be suggesting and an excellent way to better protect your devices from a cyber attack, which could even save you money that you may otherwise have lost in a hack. Most updates can be set to run in the background so you can still use your device and, even better, you can set your device to update automatically when connected to Wi-Fi. The updates fix weaknesses in software and apps which could be used by hackers to attack your device and steal your identity. This simple life update often only takes 15 minutes or less – so it’s a good excuse to go and make yourself a cuppa!

Tip 4: Install the latest software and app updates on your children’s devices

It’s so important to keep our children’s devices as secure as we would keep our own. I know that my kids will just swipe away or ignore a software or app update, especially if they are in the middle of a game.  However the good news is you can set the software and app updates to install and update at a time when they are asleep. This is perfect for my two at the moment, but if you have older kids, it’s probably a good idea to teach them how to install the latest software and app updates themselves – we all need to learn how to be cyber aware!

Tip 5: Check through your bank statements and cancel old subscriptions

This leads me to my last tip and that is to make sure you are always going through your bank statements. I know this is something that can easily be forgotten, but I do this once a month and it’s surprising the number of things I forget I have subscribed to. Scanning your bank statement only takes a few minutes but it is definitely worthwhile and the benefits are long lasting, especially if you are paying for something you are not actually using – like a streaming service for your favourite series that has now finished! (I’m definitely guilty of this one).
I hope my top five life updates will be helpful to you guys. I’d love to know what everyday money saving life updates you have.
   Do pop them in the comments if you have ones you would like to share, and don’t forget that installing the latest software and app updates is the quickest and easiest to do. If you want to hear about other simple cyber tips to stay secure online, then check out Cyber Aware’s website at: www.cyberaware.gov.uk

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Life lately and struggling with three..


Hi guys I wanted to check in with a little 'Life Lately' post and a catch up. It's felt like a while since I've done a bit of a life update. I know when Wilf was smaller and motherhood was so new (and there was only him!) I used to do posts about how I was finding each age. WELL we just hit three with Mabli and let me tell you that since I now how have two children that 'threenager' is more definitely a thing..

I struggled a lot with this age with Wilf but was never sure if it was also because it coincided with me being pregnant and having less patience and energy as well. Turns out three is just pretty hard, ha!

Both my kids were pretty easy two year olds which always leads me to a false sense of security and having blanked out some of my darker times with Wilf at this age I'm just starting to realise how challenging it can be..again.

For the most part it's the 'meltdowns' that are the biggest issue currently. I know she is so small and those emotions can be so big. I know that she's not acting this way through malice or because I've failed in my parenting. It's just how she feels right now. I know when I'm feeling frustrated or cross that I often find it hard to control my emotions so I know deep down that to be so little and have these feelings must be so much harder and probably very upsetting and overwhelming for her.

Still that doesn't stop me from the deep sighs, tense words between Tom and I, the guilt that whilst I'm dealing with Mabli so much Wilf is being left out more. It doesn't stop me from crying too when we are in the middle of a partially bad episode or when you're mini dictator is telling you that you need to perform about five different contradictory tasks at the same time or she is going to scream louder. That you know how the atmosphere can change in a second if the wrong cup is given or you've not quite understood what was asked of you. We are walking on egg shells a lot lately!

I wanted to remind myself and also share some things that I know help us with this age. I don't always succeed mind you but it's always good to have a plan...right??

Make things simple - I know one of my mistakes when Mabli is having a meltdown is giving her too much choice. I know that when I'm feeling stressed the last thing I want to do it make more decisions so asking her lots of questions to try and work out how to make her feel better often has the complete opposite effect. Instead I stick to things I know she will like and tell her we are doing that (que listening to a song from Frozen..ha!) or reading a book or watching some CBeebies etc until she has calmed down. Not always so easy when out and about though. Often I'm stuck with feeling like this is 'giving in' to her behaviour but it I'm also reminded how little she still is and how much help she needs when she's feeling this way.

Sleep - This is such a biggy. Our worst days are days when she's overtired. We are still working out naps, some days she will have one, some days she will skip one. | really try to not let her nap after 3 but now she has started nursery a couple of days she will often be falling asleep as soon as she gets home. To tackle that the next tip is the most important..

Be Organised - I'm not one of those people to whom routine comes naturally but being organised and sticking to a routine definitely helps. To make sure she doesn't fall asleep to early I make sure that I make her a quick easy dinner on nursery days that I can make in the 5 mins from when she gets home (beans on toast is great for these days!). Planning our other days together is also really important I find that when she knows whats happening she happier.

Stay Calm and Cuddle - Sometimes this feels like the hardest thing to do. Sometimes I've done it literally crying along with her but I always try and stay mindful of how much harder it must be for her if its this hard for me.

Acknowledge their feelings - I read this tip in the book 'How to talk so your kids will listen and listen so your kids will talk'* (which I need to re-read!) about how you should repeart and spell out their actions and feelings. So when Mabli is saying (yelling) 'I don't want my socks' for example I'll repeat 'you don't want your socks' until she realises I know what she's saying and feeling and stops. Usually I'd be tempted to try and explain why she needed them but I know that she needs to calm down before I can really try and attempt that. Same goes with when she gets cross I just say 'you are felling very cross right now' etc until she can see I understand how she's feeling (or so she can understand how she's feeling herself).

I'm not saying I have it sorted because this age is super tricky but I do find it I have these bits sorted then it's a little easier maybe!

Do you have any tips??

(pictures by Through the Woods We Ran)
Outfits worn a previous collaboration with Boden which you can see here.

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Our family photo session in Porto

I'm still working through the last of my Porto posts and still have a 'where we ate' post thats almost finished (I know so many are asking for that!) but before I did I wanted to share the family session we had taken at Serralves. Although we've worked with amazing photographers in this country I'd never thought to book one on holiday. To be honest my biggest hesitation was that Tom might not be keen but actually when he realised that it would mean I would be less stressed about trying to get pictures of us all during the week then he was all for it.

We booked Fotografamos who we found on Instagram and I loved that they had a few pics of families on their feed although they are predominantly a wedding photographer couple. They also are parents of a little girl around Mabli's age which made me feel like we would have a little in common to chat about during the shoot.

Anyway we absolutely LOVE the photos they took of us so I wanted to share them here too. It was such a beautiful location and the kids were just so excited to run around the beautiful gardens. I'd definitely recommend a trip to 'The Pink House' if you are visiting Porto!

P.S how grown up are the kids looking?! 

10 Things I Love Friday sale edition

1, Kendal Jumper 
2, People Tree X V&A organic wide leg trousers 
3, Kings of Indigo Alice organic jean 
4, Free People denim jacket 

Hey all! It's been a little while since I've done one of these but I was shopping for some boots for Mabli and somehow went down a rabbit hole of looking at the sales. I totally missed then in January as all I wanted to do is minimise our things not add to it. I still feel that way but I think adding a couple of good investments in your wardrobe is also important. I actually love the Kendall jumper so much I think I might have to get myself the other colour-ways now they are on sale! This is it in the red.

All these items are currently on sale! Hope you like my picks! 

9, Burton Snowboards rain jacket 
10, Adidas pink backpack 

Which is your fave?

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