What Mama Wore - Y.A.S - The perfect blue for under £50

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Y.A.S Velvur rouched Trousers - £24.99
Y.A.S Velvur rouched top - £19.00

It's been a while since I've done an outfit post over here. If I'm honest I feel like a bit of a fraud doing posts like this as I'm most often in my joggers and cozy clothes. Although this outfit feels so much like pj's that minus the heels and I couldn't be more comfortable if I was! 

I shot these pics with Katheryn Taylor whilst I was visiting Manchester a couple of weeks back. If you want to see a little vlog I did whilst I was there you can watch it here. My littlest brother was visiting the uni for his interview although it was pouring with rain so much we didn't get to see mnay sights unfortunatly. 

I think it's super important to dress in something that actually makes you feel comfortable. There is nothing worse than ill-fitting clothes or not feeling like you can actually relax properly in them. Equally I need to remind myself to not get too stuck in my comfort zone and not actually make an effort ha!

I actually got these Swedish Hasbeens for my wedding but I love that they can be used for less special occasions (you guys know how much I love clogs!). My bag was from Skinny Dip and I love it so much! It's a bit of fun I think, I also think I may have similar taste to my three year old and she loves it just as much.

Tom saw these pictures and asked me what I was trying to look for ha. Might need to change up my 'staring into the middle distance' look ;)

I stayed at the Whitworth Locke which was so beautiful, they have serviced apartments so you can stay for longer and make your own food but they also have a cafe downstairs for breakfast and lunch which was brill (and they had Oatly Barista milk which is a major tick for me). They also have a branch in London which is equally as beautiful.

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Life Lately

A bunch of photos from the past little while I just have to share to this space. I can't believe I didn't share the snow pics yet! It feels like just the other day but somehow the months have flown by.
I have to say February was a tough month for us with illness after illness, we are mid March now and FINALLY over it all (please please let us all not get sick for a while).

First off I got the flu which was super rough, I've only ever had flu once before (when I was a teenager) and my gosh I forgot how bad it was. I was pretty much hallucinating at one point. There's nothing like feel better after feeling sick right? I got a cold just before the flu and then two weeks post flu another cold ah. Just as that was over poor Mabli got the chicken pox although she was actually totally fine with it all. Just a bit of cabin fever and now some good health please!

If you are wondering why the kids are dressed up in that first pic it was World Book Day. Did you ever see a cuter Where's Wally and Postman Pat?

Some other things we did over the past few weeks was visiting London for a few days over the half term break and see my dad and little brother. London is sort of mid way between where we both live and it was so nice for the kids to see their 'grumpy' and him them. I actually vlogged the weekend here if you want to watch. I posted a picture of my dad on Instagram and he got so many comments about looking young for his age, a bit of insta fame for him, went to his head I think ;)

Wilf took the Friday off school and in-between sickness we went to the World Climate Change march in our city. The kids were all striking to make a point to the government that their education is pretty redundant without an actual world to grow up in..  a sobering thought but seeing so many passionate teens did lift my mood. I hope their generation does change the world...

I'm sitting writing this in a hotel room with my baby brother after taking him to his university interview, it's mad to me that he is 18 now as I still remember him as a cute blond-haired toddler. It's a reminder that before long I'll blink and the kids will be doing the same!

I think that's it for now, I can't wait to get my train tomorrow and give those kiddos of mine the biggest cuddle (and let Tom go have a well-deserved break).

Before I forget there is a new vlog on my channel, I'll pop the video below in case you want a watch.

Speak soon xx


Wallpaper Wednesday

Hey guys, its been a little while since I've posted anything interiors over here and I came across some cute wallpapers this morning and thought why not share, ha! The only thing I find about wallpapers is I love so many I don't have enough rooms in the house for them, At the moment we have a House of Rym print in the kids room which I adore. You can see the kids room as it is now but I thought I'd share some new faves below too.

My kids would love one of these house beds! We have been through bunks beds and now they are sharing a room with two singles but I think next year will be the year they start to have their own rooms. Pretty tempted to go with one of these for Mabli then! I also have pretty romantic ideas about them colouring or creating on a cute desk like this but in reality, it would probably be used as another surface to leave toys lying around! Finally this play kitchen! Both our kids have got so much play out of our kitchen (that Tom actually made Wilf) but I think they one of those toys that just get so well used. 

Lastly accessories, I've always loved the idea of things like this swan head for the kids room. I would be pretty tempted for when they finally dont share (not sure Wilf would be that keen on it!). To finish, both these rugs, ah so beautiful! 
Found here and here.  

Let me know if you like these kind of posts!

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