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This has been such a highly requested post and it's taken 6 months of nagging Tom to finally post it. I would say that one, he actually offered when we were out there and two, he takes more notice of details when it comes to posts like this. I'm more like 'mmm that was yummy!' the end.

Anyway, if you are visiting Porto (and you should!) and are veggie (or not) here is where you should eat.

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Travel - Tenerife

I wasn't sure whether I would do a post about our three days in Tenerife, but honestly, I loved this place so much I just had to share it over here. (Full disclosure we were sent there on a trip but our only commitments were to share on Instagram). We had such a brilliant time there even though it was only three days that we're planning on booking again next year.

We stayed at the Iberostar Anthelia and it surpassed all our expectations (despite knowing it was a 5-star resort) from the first glass of fizz at arrival it really was pretty perfect in every way. The only drawback being Mabli was too little for the kids club and felt left out at a time when Wilf was off having run with the other kids. Next year she'll be able to join him though which will make such a difference even if it's for me and Tom to have an hour to ourselves the adult only areas like the spa pool.

The children's entertainment in the evening was the best mix of cheesy and fun and the fact that it was table service for the nicest cocktails was just the icing on the cake.

I've had a few questions asking what its like for veggies or vegans which I know can be a worry when going to an all inclusive place but we never felt like we were lacking choice and the fact the buffet changes daily meant we always found loads of great options. In fact I told the man who was making fresh pasta I was veggie and he said he was too and asked if I'd like to show him which items might be vegan too. 

One of the best parts was how many outdoor heated pools there were and how family friendly everything is. Now Wilf has more confidence in the water I can't wait for next year when they can splash about a bit more.

Me and Mabli know where it's at with lounging by the pool ;)
I loved that we have the fully inclusive option and would defo get that again as it just made everything so simple, we could order drinks and snacks without really worrying about it and the kids loved it when they were allowed to order things for themselves too.

I so wish we'd had longer to stay but obviously so thankful we got a little taster too. We've not stayed at many resort holidays as we usually opt for city breaks and of the two different ones we have stayed at they really varied in quality so it's been great knowing that this is somewhere we can come back to again and again.

two tired parents!

The kids looking for their pals the two lizards who run around this area

The hotel actually have a beachfront location but there is a second beach literally three minutes walk away that I'd recommend as its sand rather than stoney but it was wonderful seeing the sea from our balcony! We were given two interconnecting rooms but you can also opt for a family room.

After this month of rain in summer here in the UK I am desperate to go back after writing up this post! Do let me know if you have any questions after reading this, I've had a few over on Instagram from people looking to book so I'm always happy to help.

(we were guests of Iberostar due to an Instagram collab but as always all words and thoughts are my own)


Love the little things - Wilf learnt to swim!

Indulge me in this post as its definitely one to mark down as proud mum moments but after all this blog is and was always meant to be a record of our lives.
I'm so proud of both kids for so many different reasons but I really wanted to write about this memory and not forget how much it meant to me at this time.

If you follow me over on Instagram you'll know that since Wilf starting swimming lessons at the local pool around 6 weeks ago he has been having a pretty awful time of it. He was apprehensive anyway but when we spoke about how fun it would be to be able to swim (especially on holidays or water parks) he told me 'I was a bit nervous but you made it sound so fun I'm excited!'.

Imagine how guilty I felt after his first lesson which resulted in, the swimming assistant turning around and leaving him mid-length to sink into the water and come up gasping for air and sobbing. The rest of the next five weeks (we kept returning and he kept trying his best with no complaint just a sort of foreboding what was in store) full on knocking knees, tears, bad dreams..

A few people had told me about a swim school that ran in the holidays in a different part of town and after also seeing the flyer at our school we gave them a call and booked him in for the half term holiday. The idea is they have a 30 min lesson daily for 5 days with a small class, Wilf was in the very beginner class and they made sure to ask how confident he was etc before starting.

I feel teary writing this but he started the week with full body shakes and ended it laughing, smiling and completing his 5-meter badge! The instructor Mike was honestly the kindest and most patient man ever (despite Wilf clinging to him so tightly he pulled out a few of his chest hairs!) If you are local then defo check out Clifton Swim School (who I have no affiliate with!) as I honestly couldn't fault them and am so grateful for. I'm also of course immensely proud of Wilf who battled his fears and overcame them.

We have decided to end his weekly lessons now as he did one more and really didn't get much from them (different teacher each week and only about 5 minutes spent on each child). Although I'm not knocking them entirely as Mabli joined the pre school class and is loving it so it just goes to show 'different strokes for different folks'! 


Take the tofu challenge! AD Wagamama

Earlier in the week, we were treated to dinner in one of our favourite restaurants. In fact, I’d go so far to say it is Wilf’s favourite restaurant (the place he always chooses for celebratory meals and occasional take out) which definitely was a welcome outing in the middle of the half term break. We were invited by Wagamama to check out their new vegan options and in particular their vegan kids’ menu.

As a veggie family, I think our kids are pretty open to plant-based meals and we are trying to be more vegan at home when we can. That being said, I also think our kids are as fussy as the next and any parent will know that if they don’t want to eat or try something there is no convincing them! I was interested then to see that wagamama created a '30 things to try before you are 12’ challenge (or “Pad Try” as they are calling it ;)) and also to see if they would be adventurous to take the ‘tofu challenge’
Their vegan list has been carefully created working with Specialist Paediatric Dietitian Bahee Van de Bor. They aim to encourage children to go outside their food comfort zone. It has been carefully selected based on natural, unprocessed foods, with a focus on ingredients that are nutritionally beneficial for children on a plant-based diet . Wilf was thrilled to see his ‘usual’  mini yasai katsu curry and Mabli ordered the mini yasai cha han but before they came out our lovely waiter came along with the tofu!

I have to be honest neither kids were massive fans haha but at least they gave it a good try, and that’s the point, right? I always think if they are open to trying things then it doesn’t really matter if they love it or not, it’s just opening up options to broaden their pallets a bit. I remember being little and hating avocado, but every so often my parents would ask me to try it again and now I can’t get enough of it. Their actual meals were gobbled enough in no time at all and Tom ended up eating Mabli’s tofu (and so got a sticker ;))
One of the things that really makes a great dining experience for us (as well as great food obviously) is how child-friendly it is. I’ve got to admit both kids were in a kind of ‘spirited’ mood that day and having waiters that understand and are able to chat to kids and make everyone feel welcome is so appreciated.   Onto our food, I went for my usual (like mother like son, me and Wilf are stuck in our ways when it comes to our favourite dish) and had the vegan katsu curry. They also have this option with seitan which is equally as yummy as the butternut squash. Tom went for the 'Avant-garde Vegan' dish which came with a 'fake egg' made from miso-infused coconut and Sriracha Mayo. We also had the steamed buns because they are amazing and the 'bang-bang cauliflower' as sides. 
See what I mean by 'spirited'?
(this was Tom's mango + matcha layer cake)

Thanks so much to wagamama for the invite to try their brilliant new vegan kids menu. I think it's such an exciting time for anyone looking to become more 'plant-based'. Growing up as veggie in the 80's there wasn't any such thing as a veggie option let alone a vegan one so I'm thrilled that wagamama are really leading the way in this respect.

I'd defo recommend popping into your local branch to see what's on offer. What’s great is that there really is something for everyone, be it if you are veggie, vegan or just interested in trying something different. If you do get your kids to try the 'tofu challenge' let me know how they get on!

This post is in partnership with wagamama Photography by Lauren Jayne Hall
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