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A collection of images that don't really fit anywhere but I want to record just the same :)

I went blonde! It's something I've been toying with the idea of doing for ages and just decided to take the plunge. I'm gradually highlighting it rather than full on all over blonde as it's a bit less maintenance then doing my roots so often haha

These two buddies hung out, I'm counting down the days until the summer hols now as their relationship is really changing and their ability to play together improving all the time (as well as their ability to argue of course ;))

My dad visited and picked up his camper van as a friend of mine was selling hers. My folks are off travelling for a few months as soon as my baby brother leaves for uni in September!

Maybe as always trolling me with her game of 'I"m going to sleep' despite not wanting to do so when it's actually the night time..

My friend Lucy took this picture, gotta love a friend who offers to take your 'candid' photo when you leave a cafe with a floral arch

We took in some art at Spike Island as they had their open studios. I love peeking into artists works spaces. |

Before the glorious heatwave we are having at the moment we also had some park days in the cooler weather (I have a lot of photos to catch up on clearly as I think this is from May!)

And naps

And tea parties

And aeroplanes

And 'carries'

Two tired parents enjoying our life lately

I feel like these photos are a little Mabli heavy but truly it's just because poor Wilf has been at school for a lot of these moments. Also naturally he's starting to get his own hobbies and maybe want to play with us a little less. That being said I can't wait to get my camera out more over the summer and capture more of his lovely little caricature. Both kids are at such lovely ages, albeit three being a lot more challenging than seven at the moment!

Thanks for reading! x

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