Reverse Recycle - A day out at LEGOLAND (AD)

The summer holidays are almost over! I can't believe it's flown past so quickly, but we've so far managed to squeeze in quite a lot. The kids were in for another huge treat though when we were invited to the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort for the day by Coca-Cola and Merlin Entertainments.

We've been to the park once before but Mabli was only about ten months old (you can see the post here if you want to see some super cute pictures of how little the kids were back then!)

Coca-Cola has teamed up with Merlin Entertainments to launch their 'Reverse Recycling' vending machines. The specifically designed machines are dotted around lots of theme parks and attractions across the UK, to help encourage people to recycle their plastic bottles. Recycling doesn’t need to be boring, so the idea is that you are rewarded by recycling (as well as that good feeling for doing your bit for the planet). For every bottle recycled, you also get a discount on Merlin Entertainments attractions.

We love the concept and chose to visit the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort and try them out for ourselves there.

You can find the 'Reverse Recycling' machines in the carpark outside of the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort so if you recycle your plastic bottle, you'll receive a 50% off entry to the park.

Scroll down to see how we got on!

We are a family of thrill-seekers clearly ;) but our favourite part of the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort is definitely Miniland - we could all spend hours looking at all the intricate towns and cities. It's honestly so amazing to see and a really chilled out spot. We also love the rides in DUPLO Valley the Duplo area, as this gives us a sense of our bravery – Atlantis is fun too!

These are what the 'Reverse Recycling' vending machines look like. As they’re bright, they are super simple to spot and use.

Told you we love Miniland, I swear I could take 100 pictures of this place! The kids thought it was pretty hilarious that there was a pigeon walking around Holland at one point too.

The machines provide a great talking point for the kids. Wilf knows a lot of recycling as he is old enough now to learn about it from us and school, but Mabli was really curious about the process. That was until she got a bit confused and thought that LEGO came out of the machine once you put your bottle in- not a receipt, haha!

Wilf was such a great map reader. At one point Tom went to get some chips and told us he would meet us in the playpark. I got totally lost in about 5 steps, which isn't a huge surprise as I get lost leaving my own door! In the end, Wilf had to tell me where we needed to go and me and Mabli were left following him. I think he really liked being in charge and was so chuffed at how good he was at it, we left him in charge of sorting where we would visit next.

We also managed to watch the performance of 'Pirates of Skeleton Bay' which was really good. The acrobatics were incredible, definitely worth a watch.

It did rain on and off all day but what would be a British summer day out if it didn't right? We had such a fantastic day out and are so happy to support this campaign with Coca-Cola to encourage recycling. The ‘Reverse Recycling’ vending machines are available at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort until 17th October 2019.

If you are heading to a Merlin Entertainments attraction this summer, then definitely see if you can spot one of the machines and pick up your recycling reward.

Post in partnership with Cola-Cola


Wilf takes pictures

What happens when you give your 7-year-old your camera and a hipster app that only allows you 24 pics, a tiny viewfinder and three days before you get to see your pics.

Also, imagine trying to explain to your kids you are SO OLD there weren't digital cameras when you were their age ;)

I just love the pictures Wilf took, it's like a little view through his eyes, especially the ones where we have to bend down to his height. He also took some really lovely pictures of his granny and Tom which I won't share here but think it's so nice to see what's important to him.

Also this pic haha!

Lastly, he asked me to take a picture of him and his favorite softie 'Unipug' its a bit of a sad tale as we accidentally left him at granny's and although they will be reunited very soon he is so sad about it!

The app we are using is called Gudak and is really fun especially if you want to let your kids use your phone to take pics but have a limit on the amount they can take. I think it made him really think about the shots he wanted to take which actually I need to practice too a bit more.

Anyone remember having to buy disposable cameras for a night out or holiday? And the excitement of getting the film back! 


Valley Fest - Taxi to the festival

Ok summer festivals that I can Uber to, I'm sold!

We were invited to Valley Fest this year but could only make a day, I took loads of pics as usual so wanted to pop them over here. It's based at Chew Lake which we'd never been to before (even though its only 20 minutes away) and it's SO beautiful. Defo make a trip if you can as they also have a great chip shop there too (Salt and Malt).

Anyway back to the festival pics. Valley Fest is such a chilled family festival I think we might even be tempted to come back next year and camp (coming from the noncamper!).

We met up with our pals Lauren and Glen from Through the Woods We Ran who took a few pics (above) of us too. It was so nice being at a festival with friends, although we mainly just hung out, played cards and ate good food. Which was perfect in itself. I just love the one of Tom and Wilf.

Can I just tell you that The Vegan Pyramid had the BEST vegan fish and tartar sauce, oh my gosh I'm still thinking about it.

We were also invited by Weleda (who were the sponsor of the festival) to pop along for a facial which was bliss. First time I've ever had a facial in a field but I imagine it would feel even nicer after a night in a tent. They recommended I try their Aknedoron lotion which I've promptly gone and bought and will let you know how I get on with.

I also totally forgot to put sun cream on that day and burnt my forehead which really hurt! I'm kicking myself as I obviously put some on the kids but always forget to do myself.

We left around 6 and were home for bedtime which is kind of like my perfect festival experience. 

Hope you are all having a lovely summer hols if you have kids are off. Only three weeks left, I can't decide if I'm excited for the new school year or dreading them being back, or a healthy mix of the two ;) 


Getting fit as a family and working in the summer hols

If you follow me over on Instagram you might have seen I'm having a bit of a health kick at the moment. A couple of months back I started the 'couch to 5k' app which I'm almost at the end of now. I couldn't have possibly imagined I would have enjoyed running in a million years but it was the kick start I needed to get and healthy and whilst I'm far from fit I'm really excited to get there!

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