Getting fit as a family and working in the summer hols

If you follow me over on Instagram you might have seen I'm having a bit of a health kick at the moment. A couple of months back I started the 'couch to 5k' app which I'm almost at the end of now. I couldn't have possibly imagined I would have enjoyed running in a million years but it was the kick start I needed to get and healthy and whilst I'm far from fit I'm really excited to get there!

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Around this time David Lloyd asked if we'd like to work together again on a few months gifted membership. With the summer holidays approaching we were really keen to join our local club as I knew the kids would get so much out of it too.

Long-time readers might remember we joined another branch of theirs in Bristol a couple of years back. Unfortunately, due to where we lived in the city (and being a non-driver) it was quite hard to get me and the kids there so despite best intentions we didn't make much use of it. This time I wanted to have spent a good month there first before writing this post and knowing we would stick with it. We are now only ten minutes from our local club and have been going at least twice a week if not more.

The main thing that really drew me to want to join David Lloyd was the outdoor pool which has been a real treat during the heatwaves. That being said its heated all here round so I'm hoping to get lots of use out of it during Autumn too. Wilf recently completed his 5metres badge and being able to get to the pool and splash about has really improved his confidence and as soon as the summer is over we are planning on enrolling both kids into lessons there.

David Lloyd clubs are so family-friendly, there is a separate cafe and play area (outdoor and indoor) for families with a soft play area. Although children are also welcomed in the other cafe too it makes it nice to know there is an area that really caters to them and that the can run off and play in safety. I've also brought my laptop and had a coffee (with Oatly barista milk, whoop!) whilst they run around the soft play which is perfect when I need to catch up on work.

When you join the club you get a few personal training sessions that help you with a routine and show you machines etc. This has been great for building our confidence especially Tom I think who has thrived on having a routine and goals to work towards if that makes sense. I'm a bit more of an 'I think I'll do a swim today' type of gym go-er although I have been enjoying trying out the weight machines which surprised me. I think the thing I want to get out of exercising and working out the most is a feeling of being strong.

Our first week of the summer we actually ended up having a bit of a juggle with work and so we signed Wilf up to two mornings of kids clubs (that he initially was hesitant about but ended up having a great time and making friends). Mabli then did a couple of hours in the creche which she LOVES and keeps asking to go back to more.

They also have lots of kids classes for children Wilf's age and after a taster of it with the kids club he is really keen on trying out the tennis classes.

I can't wait to spend more of the rest of the summer there and beyond!

(our membership to David Lloyd has been gifted for a few months and all words and thoughts are our own) 

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