Baking with Ed Kimner and Lyle's Syrup (AD)

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Like pretty much everyone in the country I love a bit of Bake Off, so when Lyle's Golden Syrup got in touch back in the summer and asked if I wanted to join them and Edd Kimner (only the winner of the first-ever series!) you can imagine what my reply was!

We were invited to the wonderful Rosemary Shrager's cookery school in Tunbridge Wells where Ed had created bespoke recipes for myself and some other lucky bloggers. All of them featuring Lyle's Golden Syrup of course and all of them being utterly delicious. I don't know about you but Lyle's have always been a staple in our kitchen cupboard throughout my life. I remember baking with my dad and lifting the lid of the classic tin to see that gorgeous golden colour and licking my fingers to catch as much of the sticky syrup as I could. It's one of those nostalgic products that I'm now using with my own children and creating their own special memories with.

Lyle's Golden Syrup still have their classic tins of course but have recently brought out a new packaging option to their range which is a handy squeezable bottle. We got to try them out first hand whilst making three different recipes.

First up we learned how to make peanut brittle which is something I never would have thought of making before and was actually so easy (and really yummy!). What's even more fun is you get to smash it up once it's made so that you get bite-size pieces. Then we had a go at making our own honeycomb. I have to admit I'm not the more natural baker and I might not have been fast enough when transferring the mixture into the pan. I got quite a few larger holes then I would have wanted but it still tasted good!

Finally, Edd had made us all our own individual recipes to make based on the questions he had sent to us previously. Things such as favorite smells or childhood memories. For me, I always remember waking up to the smell of fresh bread and coffee as my dad would be the earliest riser in our household and would bake a load before we'd even come downstairs for breakfast. Because of this, he created a tahini banana loaf recipe (with a twist) and my gosh I honestly have never tasted a banana loaf so good! My loaf also had Lyle's Golden Syrup in it too of course and I definitely think that combined with the tahini is what gave it that amazing rich taste.

Once it was baked we made some cinnamon butter to go with it which was another fabulous addition I would never have thought to make (and so simple too) I managed to take it all the way home on the train with me to share with the family who pretty much devoured it.

A few weeks later Lyle's sent us a parcel full of their new bottles and a recipe card for me and the kids to bake flapjacks with. I had told Edd that one of my favorite songs was 'Birdhouse in your Soul' by They Might be Giants so they also sent us some bird cutters and decorations to jazz up our flapjacks.. you can see how we got on in the video below...

Thanks so much to Lyle's for inviting me to such a brilliant day baking and for introducing me to the best banana loaf recipe I've ever tried. Their Golden Syrup is a firm staple in our household and their new squeezable bottles are brilliant for cooking with small children.

You can find Lyle's here and all their recipes here.


Unconventional Kira said...

Oh wow ! They look absolutely delicious! And I love the fact the golden syrup is in a squeeze bottle! Will definitely be heading out to get some if that!

Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too said...

I have so many fond memories of baking as a child with my mum using golden syrup

Unknown said...

These look great, I love making flashbacks with golden syrup. They're my husbands favourites.

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