Our Halloween and Half Term - Our week in Pictures

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(Wilf's jumper a gift from Velveteen Clothing)
So that was Half term! I have to admit I felt pretty guilty halfway through the week when we had basically done nothing without time apart from trying to feel better from this dreadful cold we all had been having. It was a reminder though that sometimes just the simplest things like walking around the corner for a crepe or going to chose pack lunch snacks from the supermarket is enough.

So here are a few pictures of what we got up to..

This picture makes me laugh so much, Wilf has been drawing and I guess leaned on it and didn't realise. Later that morning (yes we were all still in pjs) we gound this little face on his arm like a tattoo (scroll to the end of this post to see a tattoo he then drew himself haha)

On one of the days, I did manage to take Wilf out for a walk, the beautiful Christmas Steps

Tom and I made Moonrise Kingdom outfits but were so full of cold on actual Halloween we just bundled ourselves into coats but at least we took pictures when we were trying them out!

The only thing we ended up buying was the vintage suitcase which I'm pretty pleased about. Tom's neckerchief was two feather dusters taped together!

Wilf and Mabli were Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. Tom made Mabli's tail but we bought his jacket and hat from Amazon. I feel ok about it as he can wear them as actual clothes too

The last two pictures of Pikachu are from when we had to drop Ash off for own clothes day at school and she was sad to be seperated. Nothing a chocolate muffin couldnt fix though.
Hope you all have a lovely Halloween and half term if you were off!

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